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In the study of end-time prophecy, the period leading up to the raising of the dead and lifting of the veil which hides the spiritual realm, one encounters the issue of salvation and what happens to the soul after death. Since one's view of salvation affects how one views prophecy, especially biblical prophecy relative to others, I'd like to share my views on this topic. Here are some straight forward statements. They may offend some. So be it. They are just my opinion based upon a lifetime of experience with the Bible.

Salvation is based upon love in the heart,
not a name in the head.

A person who died with a loving heart,
yet never knew the name Jesus,
will certainly be saved.

Jesus is one with God
and co-creator of our universe.
He demonstrated the perfect life of love
by the way He lived His life.

Jesus is powerful.
Calling upon His name
can bring about a change of the heart.
However, if you are not willing to let God's love enter,
the name has not saved you.

If you can not believe that God
can and would send His son to be among us,
how can you accept all that God is?

If you are one with God,
by whatever name you call Him,
you can not help but be one with Jesus also,
whether you recognize it consciously or not.

Here are biblical verses which are supportive of these ideas:

1 John 4:7-12

Romans 2:13-16

Romans 1:16-17

Romans 10:13

Acts 10:34-35

Matthew 19:17

Matthew 7:18-21

Matthew 12:31-32

John 13:35

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©1998 Collins Hamblen 
First Posted: 01/18/98
Last Update: 06/15/03