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Zecharia Sitchin
A Biblical Scholar and Translator of Sumerian Texts

Author of "The Lost Book of Enki"

Rochester, VT.: Bear & Company, 2002.

The book of Genesis has a number of mysteries in it. I believe the Sumerian text translated by Zecharia Sitchin in “The Lost Book of Enki” can solve some of them. This Sumerian book is written from the point of view of the Anunnaki, a race with their own agenda. The corresponding stories in Genesis line up with the basic facts. If one sees the differences in the stories as the Bible viewing the same events from God’s perspective, I believe this Sumerian text explains some of those mysteries. Further, it appears to my eye that the biblical version was designed for us to not know the whole picture until the other part would be revealed to the world at a time when we can handle the whole story. The two versions fit like missing pieces of a puzzle. By the way, when reading Enki’s version, remember to include Pluto as the ninth planet, for they are listed in reverse order.

One of those mysteries is our origin and creation. The Bible makes a cryptic reference to "let us make man in our image" (Gen 6:4). Why "us" if this is the Supreme Creator? Some try to explain this by using the trinity but that does not fly linguistically nor theologically. However, the Sumerian explaination does fit, that the Anunnaki created us by genetically altering the native apes to create a species of slave laborers. This explains the sudden jump in our evolution and also the missing nad genes discovered by the human genome project.

It is very important to note that even though the Anunnaki created us, they did not give us our Scripture because the Bible warns against these beings and predicts their return in the end-times.

I believe one of the reasons the history of the Israelites began in slavery under Egypt is a hint of our origin and start as slave laborers. One of the main messages of the Bible is that the Anunnaki do not own us for the Lord has set us free.

It now appears that the end-time scenario is about the return of Planet X, Nibiru, and the effort of those beings to control and dominate us. For most of my life I thought the prophecies about the earth changes were going to result from man’s disrespect for each other and the earth, culminating in the earth being way out of balance. Now I see Jesus’ insight in a much simpler way. He knew the history of the orbit of this planet and what it does to earth when it passes. So the earth changes are due to the stresses from this event, and thereby become very predictable. Therefore the earth changes may actually be a sign of the approach of this planet.

Thanks, Zecharia, for bringing this very important Sumerian text and many others to the world!

Also the Author of "The 12th Planet"

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