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Abomination: Sin. Sin can be described as breaking one's word.

Antichrist: One who opposes Jesus Christ. The Bible does not use this term with a capital "A", but calls this person by several names including: the little horn, the beast, the destroyer of the holy people, the lawless one and the son of perdition.

Babylon: System of false beliefs that will become the end-time world religion.

Beast: Kingdom, or the leader of that kingdom. A kingdom becomes a beast when it does not recognize God's authority.
Bible references: Dan 7:23; Rev 16:10, 17:17.

Fig Tree: Israel.
Bible references: see Israel and the Fig Tree.

First Fruits: Best of the harvest or best of what we possess.

Harlot: Church or congregation which has not remained faithful to God.
Opposite of: Woman.
Bible references: Eze 16, 23; Rev 2:14, 14:4, 17:1-6.

KJV: King James Version of the Bible.

Leaven: Sin.

Macrocosm: Symbolic level of meaning that focuses on the world at large.

Microcosm: Symbolic level of meaning that focuses on the world within us, the personal level.

NAB: New American Bible translation.
Unless otherwise noted, all Bible quotes at this site are the NAB version of the Bible.

NEB: New English Bible translation.

Second Coming: A phrase not found in the Bible, it is a poor choice of words used by the church. Jesus is not coming, he is already here. This event is the point of transformation, the point when the veil that hides the spiritual realm from our view is dissolved and all the ever present heavenly host will be revealed.

Veil: That which separates the Holy of Holies from the rest of the sanctuary. Also, that which separates the spiritual realm from our view.

Woman: Church or congregation which has remained faithful to God.
Opposite of: Harlot.

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