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Popes of the Twentieth Century

This table presents a list of Popes from the twentieth century along side the corresponding prophecies of St. Malachy. Assuming these prophecies are correct, then the last two religious kings of Rome found in Revelation 17 can be filled in. Also shown are quatrains from Nostradamus about popes and the pope to which they may apply. 

Pope Dates Length Prophecies of

St. Malachy

Quatrains of


Pope Leo XIII 1878-1903 25 yrs Lumen in caelo
(Light in the sky)
VI 6
Pope St. Pius X 1903-1914 11 yrs Ignis ardens
(The bruning fire)

Pope Benedict XV 1914-1922 8 yrs Religio de populata
(Relgion laid waste)

Pope Pius XI 1922-1939 17 yrs Fides intrepida
(Unshaken faith)

Pope Pius XII 1939-1958 19 yrs Pastor angelicus
(The angelic shepard)
V 92 (1948 - Isreal)
Pope John XXIII 1958-1963 4 yrs Pastor et nauta
(Shepard and navigator)
VI 26
Pope Paul VI 1963-1978 15 yrs Flos florum
(Flower of flowers)

Pope John Paul I 1978 34 days De medietate lunae
(Of the middle moon)

Pope John Paul II 1978-2005 26 yrs
De labore solis
(From the toil of the sun)
Pope Benedict XVI 2005-
De gloria olivae
(The glory of the olive)
II 41, IV 11

V 49, VI 12

VI 82, VIII 99

Religious King of
Rev 17:9-11

Remain short time


Petrus Romanus
(Peter of Rome)
III 65, V 46

VI 57, VIII 20


Religious King of
Rev 17:9-11

Harlot rides Beast

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