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Interior Locutions of Father Gobbi

Father Gobbi is a priest in the Catholic Church. On May 8th of 1972, Don Stefano Gobbi was taking part in a pilgrimage to Fatima. He was praying in the Chapel of the Apparitions when he felt an interior force urge him to have confidence in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This event led to the formation of the Marian Movement of Priests. Since then Father Gobbi believes he is receiving messages from the Blessed Mother in the form of interior locutions. These type of messages are an inner knowing inspired from Heaven, neither a voice nor a vision.

Among the many messages received since July 1973 are numerous references to end-time prophecy. Many of the interpretations of the elements match what is presented in the book Don't Worry... Be Faithful. One, though, is very different. The interpretation of the removal of the daily sacrifice. According to the Apparitions of the Blessed Mother of Jesus, the Eucharist of the Catholic Church is the sacrifice, the pure oblation, that is offered in the mass everyday throughout the world. Sometime in the future a great schism will arise in the church and one branch will except the Protestant view of the Eucharist, that it is a remembrance and not an actual sacrifice. In the view presented by the Apparitions, this downgrading of the status of the Eucharist is the removal of the daily sacrifice and will thereby fulfill prophecy. One should be cautious of this view.

Presented here are messages through Father Gobbi which interpret the end-time prophetic elements. Notice how the time elements are taken literally while many of the symbols are interpreted.

Dec. 31, 1983
[1 Thess 5:3]

Sept. 15, 1987 (Akita, Japan)

May 22, 1988 (Heede, Germany)
[Feast of Pentecost by various calendars: Western Church: 5/22; Eastern Church: 5/29; Jewish: 5/22]

June 29, 1988 (Shrine of Knock, Ireland)

June 3, 1989 (Milan)
[Rev 13:1-2]

June 13, 1989 (Dongo, Como)
[Rev 13:11]

Aug. 15, 1989 (Rubbio, Vicenza)

Sept. 8, 1989 (Dongo, Como)

Dec. 8, 1989 (Rubbio, Vicenza)
[Rev 12:1]

June 3, 1990 (Vacallo, Switzerland)
[Feast of Pentecost by various calendars: Western Church: 6/3; Eastern Church: 6/3; Adj. Jewish: 6/3]

June 28, 1990 (Valdragone di San Marino)

Nov. 15, 1990 (Malvern, PA)

May 13, 1991 (Salburg, Austria)
[Anniversary of the First Apparition at Fatima]

Dec. 31, 1992 (Rubbio, Vicenza)

Dec 5, 1994 (Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City)

March 11, 1995 (Fatima, Portugal)
[Mt 24,15]

The Issue of the Sacrifice of the Mass

Controversy has surrounded the Catholic assertion that the Lord's Supper, as performed in their church, is a sacrifice. The theological concerns with this doctrine are best explained by Martin Luther, the one who made the historic attack upon this position. The following quote comes from pages 107-8 and 156 of the 1961 edition of Here I Stand. A Life of Martin Luther by Roland H. Bainton.

Biblical Concerns with the Sacrifice of the Mass

Hebrews 9:24-28 seems to have been written to warn against any interpretation that involves a recurring sacrifice of Jesus.

In reference to the Catholic Church's assertion that only priests ordained by the church can perform the rite of transubstantiation, Malachi 2:4-7 makes the point that for a priest to be a pure vessel he simply must follow the law and be an upright person.

Malachi also shows (in 1:11) that it is possible to bring an acceptable sacrifice and pure offering to the Lord even outside the church, for in Malachi's time the nations around Israel brought a better offering to the Lord than did Israel itself.

Lack of Fulfillment

In addition to the theological and biblical concerns, there is the issue of lack of fulfillment. The message from Dec 5, 1994 makes a commitment to the Second Coming by the year 2000. If that is the case, then we should have seen the fulfillment of the midpoint of Daniel's 70th Week in the spring of 1997. We did not, so there is a problem with the messages of Father Gobbi.

For more detail see: Discerning if We Have Entered Daniel's 70th Week

Due to these concerns, the source of Father Gobbi's messages must be brought into question. Therefore, his messages will be set aside as not a reliable source of inspiration from Heaven.

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First Posted: 2/9/98