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God's Word vs. Satan's Counterfeit

The Word of God

Satan's Counterfeit
Sign of the faithful:
Those who show the sign of committing to the Lord’s covenant of Daily Sacrifice, of following God’s commands, of seeking knowledge & balance within, of serving the Lord through one’s tithe, time, love, light and learning to master oneself, they will receive His seal:
God’s Holy Spirit.
Mark of the beast:
The name of a person and it also represents 3 core concepts that fall short of the perfection of God’s Word, called the “Babylonian Mysteries”. They throw us into confusion, hold our shortcomings against us, and make it most difficult to find a true understanding of the Father, of ourselves, and of our full potential and how to get there.
The rise of the world of lawlessness
until Jesus brings the Order of Melchizedek
to our Temples.
The rise of a world government
& the New World Order.
The raising of the Temple to self.
God's covenant renewed with the faithful
through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
at the Latter Rain.
The covenant with Israel renewed
by trading land for peace &
the status of Jerusalem determined,
possibly by delegating authority to foreign troops
to occupy the holy city.
Sins are forgiven, the price paid and
the scales of justice set into balance
when we confess to our High Priest, acknowledge his blood as payment, and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit for true repentance, acts of apology and offers of restitution.
6 : False view of blood atonement

Sins are forgiven, the price paid and
the scales of justice set into balance
by drinking blood or by blood martyrdom.
Jesus is a fellow created being anointed by the Father to be Our Lord, God and High Priest and has been given the authority by the Father to forgive sins.
Jesus is the only mediator between us & the Father.
He is the only son begotten directly by the Father,
and there are other sons of God.
6 : False view of Messiah & ourselves

Jesus is an eternal extension of the Father
and the only son of God
or he is not begotten of the Father.
We have lifetimes to learn, develop & mature.
We all come before Jesus who judges & decides:
If we live forever, return for another life,
or are held until judgment day.
6 : False view of journey of the soul

We have one lifetime then heaven or hell,
or some believe there is only nothingness
and so grab what they can while here.
Post-Tribulation Rapture:
When the "restrainer" is removed,
the Antichrist will be revealed (2 Thess 2:7-8 NAB).
When the Holy Spirit is poured out, the restrainer of the law will be removed from those who are led by the Spirit of God. They will witness in the face of Antichrist
and be raptured to our Lord at his visible return.
Pre-Tribulation Rapture:
When the "restrainer" is removed,
the Antichrist will be revealed (2 Thess 2:7-8 NAB).
The restrainer is the Holy Spirit,
which is in the church, so when it is removed so shall be the church and then the Antichrist will be revealed.
Maturity and the walk in God's Way
involves a marriage between:
Our Lord & his bride, the daughter of Zion.
For the faithful to be ready, we must find the marriage of:
faith & knowledge,
our will & God's will,
our spirit & God's spirit.
God provides for His people through faith only.

Protection and higher power is gained by
prayer or meditation alone
or by denying negative emotions.

The Daily Sacrifice brings the seal of God, the Holy Spirit, and leads us to maturity by guiding us to balance in our lower 4,
our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies,
thereby allowing us to access the
love, compassion & mercy
needed to energize our upper 3
and become sons & daughters of God.
This is God's Way to prepare us to be ready to open all 7 "eyes of the Lord".
Jesus ended the daily sacrifice as the final sacrifice and the O.T. is no longer relevant.

(The removal of the understanding & practice of the Daily Sacrifice from the major religions of the world
is the desolating abomination that keeps us in rebellion, throws our 4 bodies out of balance, and keeps us down and held captive in this world by preventing us from reaching our full potential
as sons & daughters of the Most High.)
Through his example, Our Lord calls us to be
masters over the 4 aspects of ourselves.
When they are in balance, we are able to open
the gates to the inner sanctuary & energize
our upper 3 eyes to be sons & daughters of God.
Jesus is an eternal member of the trinity godhead.
We enter heaven based on Jesus' righteousness,
not by our own or by what we withhold or let go.
  Or through meditation alone
we open our 3rd eye to be gods
and judge others w/o proper witnesses.

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