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Cayce: Parallels to Biblical Prophecy

The following passages from the Edgar Cayce readings center on the Day of the Lord and profess a pre-millennial return of Jesus, as clearly stated in this first example. This position states that what we commonly refer to as the "second coming" of Christ, Jesus' return, will occur prior to the thousand years of peace. Further, this passage appears to support a post-tribulation rapture view, since those whom he will "receive", those who will be "caught up" to rule with Christ, do this at his second coming, not before. Jesus then begins the thousand years as Lord and king.

Reading 364-7 given April 5, 1932

We see above in this early and clear reference of the readings to eschatology, Cayce simply and clearly stating a pre-millennial return of Jesus and a post-tribulation rapture. This affirms an eschatological view of biblical prophecy, in addition to the insight Cayce gives us into the personal level of meaning in prophecy, especially in the book of Revelation.

As to the timing of the event, the next passage shows that our will plays a role in that.

Reading 5749-2 given June 28, 1932

In the next passage we have a direct and succinct answer as to the signs of the approaching day of the Lord. The answer basically frames three levels of understanding as to the time: the Day, the Generation, and the “time and half-time”. This is the same three levels presented in “God’s Master Plan of 7,000 Years” developed from the Bible and shows the biblical depth in Cayce's message.

The “Day” is the “day of the Lord” and implies the whole 7,000 years with emphasis on the Day of Judgment ushering in the age of peace. The generation is presumably that referred to by Jesus, the generation that shall not pass away before the day of the Lord is seen. Jesus said it begins when we see the fig tree put forth its leaves again. Since the fig tree is a biblical symbol for Israel, many interpret this as the time when Israel was resurrected in 1948.

Finally there is the “time - and half time”. In two other places in the readings, Cayce refers to the “time, times and half time”, a term used in Revelation but originally defined in the book of Daniel. It is the period of time that the Antichrist reigns and persecutes the faithful. The term “time and half time” is never used in the Bible yet it is a very clever twist of the biblical term and appears to refer to all of Daniel’s 70th week and half of it, the second half, which is the time of the Antichrist. By using the biblical terms this way, Spirit through Cayce makes a very eloquent reference to Daniel’s 70th week, which is the focus of the answer. It is also the next sign for which the faithful should be keeping watch. The reference to "has been" fulfilled in this context would be the first 69 weeks of the prophecy and the "is being" fulfilled would be the steps leading up to fulfillment of the final week.

Reading 262-49 given July 9, 1933

Again, Cayce makes clear that the timing of the events depend upon us, or rather on those who belong to him, those who have committed their lives to him, to live the way of Christ and thereby prepare the way for his return, to prepare for the time when the veil hiding the spiritual realm is dissolved in a single moment and Christ and the heavenly host is revealed for all the world to see.

This passage of making the way “clear” and “passable” moves me to think of the passage in Revelation 7:1-3 which states the angels are not to let the winds of tribulation blow until the most faithful servants of God, the 144,000, are ready to receive His seal. The events of the tribulation won’t be let loose until those who are his are ready and prepared to witness on his behalf and anchor the energy that will pierce the veil. In order for Jesus to establish his government on Earth, he will need the faithful who will implement this government by living the way of Christ.

Yet there is a time that is set because there is a time that only the Father knows. For the Creator knows when the 144,000 will be ready to answer His call and thereby the next point to set things in motion so that events fit His calendar and purposes.

The next passage emphasizes that the return will be physical. It is not just a spiritual event. When Jesus returns in body, he will rule for 1,000 years.

Reading 5749-4 given Aug. 6, 1933

Reading 3976-15 given Jan. 19, 1934

If it is one's desire to hasten the day of the Lord, then one should do the will of the Father. One should do those things that will manifest God's love in this world.

Reading 262-058 given Feb. 11, 1934

The next reading is for Edgar Cayce. He was asking Spirit about understanding his abilities and how to develop them further. He is told that it is the activity of service for others that brings same. He also asks about two dreams. The first occurs after the second coming but makes reference to the time of trial that had passed by using Daniel’s term, “time, times and half time”. The final dream is back in the present and makes reference to the same time of trouble that the earth must pass through with a message to be strong in the promises of God.

Reading 294-185 given June 30, 1936

Cayce has given us great insight into the personal level of meaning in the book of Revelation. This is the level of the microcosm. Cayce also addresses the traditional macrocosm view, as shown in this example. For Revelation is a book about spiritual development on more than one level, a guide for any person in any lifetime and also for the time when we all develop together in a single lifetime.

Reading 281-034 given April 21, 1937

In this next reading Cayce reviews several lifetimes for the client, called the entity. This includes a life as one of the first priests to minister to the people of Israel in the tabernacle in the wilderness. In a later lifetime, after the temple is built then destroyed,  he is involved in the effort to rebuilt the temple and city of Jerusalem following a decree issued by Artaxerxes in 444 BC. A primary concern were the walls to protect the city. This person worked under Nehemiah during the fulfillment of the start of the first 69 weeks of Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy. I find it no coincidence that Spirit choose this setting to speak through Cayce about the time of the Antichrist using Daniel’s terms: “time, times and half time”. To deliver this message about future fulfillment with a reading for a lifetime at the start of the fulfillment of this very same prophecy emphasizes the whole context of the 70 weeks prophecy - meeting God in the temple. For those who recognize the biblical terms, it is a clear sign of the relevance of the 70th week to the day of the Lord.

Reading 257-201 given Sept. 4, 1938
Reading 3976-022 given June 13, 1939
Reading 5148-2 given May 29, 1944

Perhaps it may be too general a statement, but it seems a popular view in the New Age arena to believe that the age of peace will come about gradually by enough people manifesting the Christ consciousness over time. In eschatology, this view is traditionally known as a post-millennial view of the second coming, with the understanding that Christ would manifest at the end of the thousand years.

It is my opinion that this is neither the biblical view nor the view found in the Cayce readings. Both sources speak of the critical aspect of man’s desire and will to manifest the way of Christ. Both also speak of a sudden point in time when the veil hiding the spiritual realm will dissolve and Jesus Christ and the heavenly host will be visible to all. This view of how the new age begins is the pre-millennial return of Christ.

Further, I believe the Cayce readings espouse a post-tribulation rapture and speak of the relevance of Daniel's prophecy of the 70th week to the coming of the day of the Lord. (Unfortunately the ARE, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the organization founded by Edgar Cayce, no longer promotes this view of his prophecies.) For those who love the Bible, the next sign we should be watching for is the "time - and half time", NOT the rapture as many others who claim to know the Bible would insist.

The Bible and Cayce’s view of the dawning of the age of peace is one of facing responsibility and partnership with the Creator. If enough people focus on mastering themselves to the point of manifesting the love of Christ, then Christ will manifest and take care of the big picture by removing the tyranny of the Antichrist and establishing a righteous government. Then all will see and experience the manifestation of the age of peace.

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