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Don't Worry... Be Faithful,
God Has A Plan For Mankind

by Collins Hamblen

This book ties together the prophecies of the Bible with those of Edgar Cayce, the Hopi Indians, the Apparitions of Mary, Blessed Mother of Jesus, the Aztec Calender stone, "The Last Jubilee" Dead Sea Scroll and the Astrological Ages. All of these point to a transformation at the end of this millennium.

In addition, the feast days celebrated by ancient Israel are used to unlock the meaning and chronological sequence of end-time Biblical prophecy. A color chart which summarizes this view is included with the book.

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S&H: $ 7.00
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Published August 1994; 78 pp, indexed.
ISBN#: 0-9643107-7-5

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I no longer sell this book for several reasons including:

1. Like many others, I'd been looking for a coming world government and the resurrection of Daniel's 4th Beast.
Since the book, the Holy Spirit has shown me that the Ottoman Empire was the resurrected 4th Beast
and after World War I, we have been in the time of the creation of the 10 Toes of Daniel's statue.
2. I was supportive of the Apparitions of Mary in the book and since have been led to see them as coming from the
dark side and supportive of the great deception Paul warned about in 2 Thess 2.
3. When I wrote the book I had not yet begun my theological journey into the Mark of the Beast nor fully understood
the major errors I had been taught in my Christian upbringing, including the Holy Trinity.

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