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The prophecies covered by the book Don't Worry... Be Faithful and this web site speak about a new world coming at the change of the ages. In general terms, this is the change from the Piscean to the Aquarian precessional age. There are twelve ages in the great precessional cycle of 26,000 years. As such, this change from age to age is very gradual and can not, by its nature, be pinned down to a single year. The transition between ages as viewed by the stars lasts at least a half century. Of the prophecies referenced, though, some offer calendars and timelines to help be more specific. These prophecies also suggest the new world will manifest after a climax, a climax resulting from many forces building over time and coming together at the end of the age. These forces are drawing out the darkness within us so that we may prepare ourselves to be contributing partners in the new age of peace. Preparation involves purification, coming to terms with all the issues in your life. If you resist these forces, you will find yourself in tribulation.

In Christian terms this climax point has come to be called the Second Coming of Christ. In Biblical terms it is called the Day of the Lord and can also be expressed as the time the Messiah manifests as the lion. In Mayan terms, this point comes once the sun aligns with the galactic core, for there will be a birth of a new world age. The climax point is implied by the sudden end of their calendar for the current age. In Hopi, the climax is called Purification Day. Some ancients called it the Shift of the Ages. I prefer to call this point of climactic change, the point of transformation. This type of transformation does not occur at the change of every age, yet many prophecies indicate to expect it for the current change from the Piscean to the Aquarian age.

The Biblical model of 7 days representing 7,000 years begins around 4,000 B.C. (See "Outer arc" on graph above beginning w/ "Reemergence of Civilization".) However, this date is only approximate, probably within one or two centuries. The model does offer another anchor point, the sacrifice of the life of Jesus Christ, the Messiah come as a lamb. Yet the date of this key point in Jesus' life has been obscured by history and is in question by as much as a decade at a time in history when most dates are known more precisely. This web site uses the year 33 AD. Even if the exact year of Jesus' death were determined with certainty, the model is not meant to be interpreted as saying the Messiah coming as a lion would be exactly 2,000 years later. What it can tell us, when combined with the perspective of the "generation" that will witness all things, is that since the year 2,000 A.D., we are probably no more than a half century away from the point of change.

Even so, the Bible also offers the additional perspective of Daniel's 70th week, the 7 years immediately preceding the end of the age, as an added guide for specific timing. This is a sequence of events that is prophesied to occur over the 7 years leading up to the point of transformation. In addition, as explained in The Keys of Daniel, it is expected that the Messiah will return on a Jubilee year. A Jubilee year occurs once after every 49 years, after 7 sets of seven years called sabbatical years, so the Jubilee is the year after 7 sabbatical years, the same pattern as captured in the Feast of Weeks.

After studying and praying about the 70 weeks prophecy for well over 2 decades, it is now my opinion that the counting of sabbatical years stopped after 70 AD when God’s covenant people were removed from the land and scattered to all nations. The counting cannot resume until the same conditions are met that started the original count of 70 weeks of years back in 444 BC. It would appear that recently these preconditions have been met (for details, see Keeping Watch for the Start of Daniel's 70th Week) and so when the additional conditions for the 70th Week are met and it finally begins, this final 7 years will complete the last set of 49 years, which stopped at 42 years, and usher in the 10th Jubilee, the one heralding the return of the son of God to set the captives free. The 70 weeks prophecy is a set of 10 jubilee cycles (70x7=490=49x10).

For those who long for the coming of the Lord and wish to hasten the day of the Lord, they should pray that 144,000 of God's faithful will be ready. As of the start of 2010, it appears to me we have yet to enter the final 7 years, but it can begin any year now for all other conditions have been met.

The Hopi prophecies describe many events that are signs indicating that the end of our current cycle, called the 4th world, is near. The point of climactic change is called Purification Day. I am not aware of any calendars or timelines; however, there is a petroglyph of seven antelopes, suggesting seven hunting seasons and thereby seven years. Its signs are a star or comet coming at the beginning and end of the 7 years but how it fits into the big picture is uncertain. Regardless, many of the Hopi events have been fulfilled, so again the indication is that we are close. Another system is that of the Aztec. Their Calendar Stone depicts the current cycle ending by earthquakes and their belief says it will occur at the end of a 52-year cycle. This is a bit vague, but there's probably more of the picture that needs to be uncovered.

The Mayan calendar is a different story, though. It is specific and based on things every culture can relate to: math and the stars. The end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar is based upon a celestial event, the alignment of the sun with the galactic core (For more detail see web site for John Major Jenkins.) The sun, on the morning of the winter solstice, is slowly, at precessional time, moving to the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The optimal point of that alignment can be calculated and that has been done by the Maya. The common translation of the end date of the Mayan Calendar is December 21st, 2012 A.D., but it can vary by a year either way. This date is 13 baktuns (which translates to 5,125.37 years) from the start of the calendar, August 11th , 3114 B.C. It is interesting to note that the end of the Mayan Calendar, the winter solstice, is very close to the end of the Biblical timeline, which occurs on Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. This feast usually comes in December and can fall on the solstice.

If the point of transformation is to happen by 12/21/12, then we should have seen the start of the 70th week by late 2005 or early 2006. Since we have passed that time and the event did not occur, then by biblical reckoning, we must conclude that the day of the Lord cannot occur by the end of 2012.

While I believe the Mayans have done the best job on the planet of pinpointing the changing of the ages and the time of optimal energy being applied to help us makes this transition, it still depends on how we process that energy. When do the forces prodding us result in a decision to live the Way and thereby affect a transformation?

In the book of Revelation, the Bible makes a key statement about when the time will be right for the final events to begin. Four angels hold back the four winds of tribulation until the 144,000 are ready to be sealed (Rev 7:1-8). The 144,000 are the saints, those people who live the way of Christ, the way of love. In Mayan terms, they are the rainbow warriors. Cayce refers to the faithful making the way clear and passable (262-49). God is the one who guides souls to repentance and ultimately spiritual maturity over the millennia. God knows when the seed of Christ's example will result in the fruit of at least 144,000 people ready to follow his example.

By resurrecting Israel in 1948, God has declared confidence that 144,000 faithful will be ready on time. All should strive to live their lives as Christ, so that when the time is right, God will have more than 144,000 to choose from when applying His seal to those special servants, the elect, who will witness on God's behalf during the time of the Antichrist: the time, times and half time. Well before then, one must be clear as to the object of one's daily sacrifice. To what or to whom do we owe our allegiance? We share responsibility for the actions of the institutions and governments we support. To what type of persuasion are we willing to commit ourselves and thereby our souls?

There will be those who demonstrate the passion to remain faithful to the way of Christ, to the way of love with respect for the law, despite the atmosphere giving license to lawlessness and giving rise to the time of chaos. We live in a time when technology has empowered individuals to be able to express themselves in almost any way. What choices do we make when we can do anything we want? For those who remain faithful through this time of temptation and indulging of all desires, these people will surely be transformed and worthy of ruling with Our Lord. The rest will continue the normal cycle of life in a transformed world.

In earlier versions of this web page I wrote:

Yet the darkness that is all around in this world comes from us. We created it. It is not something to defeat, but something to come to terms with. We all share some responsibility for the way the world is today. The way we treat each other and the Earth moment by moment, day by day, adds up and accumulates over time. The only way to create paradise is by holding everyone in the highest regard each moment. Every person, every living being, every moment is sacred. If we approach life this way, then we will live in peace. The perspective of the Sabbath is in essence intended to be a reminder of this approach to life.

I see now that this is just part of the picture, for certainly man’s toxification of the planet and our relationships is a major factor in the problems of the environment and in our societies, however;

As time goes by and prophetic fulfillment becomes more profound, things become clearer. Much was added to our understanding when it was noticed that the 3 pyramids of Giza match the alignment of the stars in the belt of the constellation of Orion (especially when corrected for processional time to the time period of its building according to Edgar Cayce). This had a profound affect upon me and began refocusing my understanding of ancient wisdom.

I have progressed to the point of understanding the “winged disk” of which the ancient Egyptians made such an effort to warn us about. I have come to pay more attention to the excellent body of quality work by the eminent Biblical scholar and expert on the Sumerian culture, Zecharia Sitchin, whom I hold in high regard for his integrity. His work is most enlightening and I feel he has the best biblical perspective of the Sumerian and Babylonian cultures.

After reading “The Lost Book of Enki”, I now believe that Moses knew this story very well. In my opinion, he wrote Genesis in such a way that its paradoxes can only be resolved in the light of this information and it was therefore intended by Moses to not be fully understood by us until our society had progressed to the point of finding and translating this book. The two stories go hand and hand, yet it appears to my eye that while Enki’s book is from the point of view of the Anunnaki, Genesis is the same story corrected to God’s point of view with missing pieces that easily fit in, once we are ready to handle it.

Since Jesus and Moses spent significant time in Egypt, I’m sure they both came to understand the meaning of the “winged disk”. This is the same object the Sumerians called the “12th Planet”, which many today call Planet X. The Egyptian / Celtic Kolbrin Bible aptly calls it the "Destroyer". I now understand that our Bible calls it “Wormwood”.

As stated in Keeping Watch for the Start of Daniel’s 70th Week, since Wormwood is the 3rd trumpet of Revelation and the 7 trumpets occur during the 70th Week, it appears this event will occur in the first half of the final 7 years, or perhaps close to the midpoint.

If the end of the Mayan calendar does indeed point to the passing of a celestial body with an orbit of several thousand years and this is the same celestial body called Wormwood that the Bible describes as a “star that falls from the sky”, meaning an object that comes very close to us but does not hit us because things continue, then we can conclude that the end of the Mayan calendar does not bring us to the event of the Second Coming.

Therefore, if the end of the Mayan calendar, winter solstice 2012 or 2013, gives us the time of Wormwood, then it would appear that the next year or two, maybe three, is prime time for the start of Daniel’s 70th Week.

So for those who are ready to accept the challenge of these times and are committed to the Lord, then show the sign of being in covenant relationship with the Almighty by doing the Lord’s work. In so doing, one will be ready to be sealed for God’s service and help God to keep His promise of 144,000 being ready to help guide the faithful through the time of trouble.

Being in covenant relationship with the Father means finding balance in many aspects of one's life. One of those is the balance between faith and knowledge. Faith keeps us going, but only by seeking the deeper knowledge will one have the understanding to properly prepare for the physical challenges to come. Isaiah 2 advises to prepare places of shelter underground.

Prophecy can help us keep a perspective that life is an eternal cycle that renews and when it does renew after the collapse, our experience in this world should remind us of the consequences of our decisions, our free will, so that in the next world we follow the creator's guidance by choice, with understanding and compassion, rather than just by obedience. And as the nation of holy people grows and matures, we will have broken our cycles of complete destruction and I suspect, some of our future responsibilities will include being ambassadors to the universe.

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First Posted: 01/03/99
Last Update: 03/07/10