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My name is Collins Hamblen. I consider myself a translator of prophecy. I've been interested in eschatology most of my life. Study began when I was confirmed into the Lutheran faith as a young teenager. I've been working with the biblical material for over 40 years. Theologically I consider myself an independent. I'm still looking for my ideal church or temple.

While I have no formal degrees in theology, I do have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. I've applied the organizational disciple of this training to the subject of eschatology. One can see this influence in my book. I do software development, most of which has been in the electric utility industry. My writing in the area of prophecy is not my occupation but it is one of my vocations.

I have traveled to some sacred sites with spiritually minded people including: the ARE, Edgar Cayce's organization, to Egypt, Arizona and Bimini; with Power Places Tours to England for the Third Earth Conference on Crop Circles and Stonehenge; and also with the Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men for the 1995 Mayan Solar Initiation Journey where we visited several sites in the Yucatan.

I enjoy doing workshops, lectures and hearing what others think on the subject. If you would like me to speak someplace, please contact me to discuss scheduling, etc. However, at present, travel is difficult for me because I suffer from heavy metal toxicity.

If you find my material helpful - in your studies, your faith, in whatever - I'd love to hear about it. My contact addresses are on the home page.

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Author of the book:

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God Has A Plan For Mankind

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