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Lion & Lamb Productions ( is devoted to
the love of God, the understanding of His Word and to the translation and discernment of prophecy.

His Word is manifest in many ways including:
The Creation, the Bible and the Messiah.

This web site professes an independent view of the Bible,
considers the Bible to be the inspired Word of God,
and reveres it as the primary spiritual book we have for inspiration and guidance.
The view of this site is also in harmony with the teachings and prophecies of Edgar Cayce.
Cayce's prophecies are one of the rare interpretations of biblical prophecy to teach:
A pre-millennial return of Jesus, to keep watch for Daniel's 70th Week,
the "time - and half time", and being "caught up" after the tribulation.
This site also draws insight from the prophecies of the Hopi and the Maya.

The biblical themes one accepts as gospel are critical to developing a proper understanding of biblical prophecy.

The primary message of the Bible can be boiled down to this:
Deal with each other with love & integrity or suffer.

For a comparison of the religions which share the Hebrew Scriptures
to the interpretation of the Lord's Covenant as presented at this web site, please see:
Matrix of Religious Ideas
This serves as another index to the theological concepts presented here.

A Point of View

The following is my opinion of what the Bible has to say on the evolution of our souls, the responsibility of free will, the effects of sin upon our connection to Source and Jesus' relationship to our journey.

Analysis of Prophecy

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For the grand summary of prophetic fulfillment, see Keeping Watch for the Start of Daniel's 70th Week.

For the best summary of God's plan for us, see God's Holy Calendar.

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