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Show Cats

These are a few of our Linanci show cats. Some of these cats have since retired from the show ring and there will always be new sweet faces to see here! If you think you might want to share your life with a Linanci Scottish Fold, feel free to contact me by clicking on the link on the left.

GC Catsize Johnny Ringo of Linanci

Color: Red Tabby & White
Bred by: M.F.Morris- V.S. Lane- C.P Donavon
Owned by: Linnea Danielsen



GC, RW Linanci's Clearwater Sailor


Color:Cream McTabby & White Bred/Owned by: Linnea Danielsen

GC,RW Linanci's HakunEar Matata

Color:Brown Patched Tabby & White
Bred by: Linnea Danielsen
Owned by Linnea & Adele Danielsen



Becca, was Bubba's showing buddy and the 2nd half of my 2 regional wins of the 1997-98 show season. Her other titles include:
CFA 1997-98 So. Reg. 13th Best Cat in Premiership

SGA / PR Linanci's Yank'Ear Doodle Dandy


Color: Cream Cameo McTabby
Bred by: Linnea Danielsen
Owned by: DeLynne Satimore

*Doodle* was born on the Fourth of July while the terrible Florida forest fires of 1998 burned. It's very apropos that his mother's name is Urquhart Freckles Flambe and that she is a smoke tortie. His father is GC, RW Linanci's Clearwater Sailor. Doodle lives in Kenner Louisiana and is enjoying life as a retired showcat with DeLynne Satimore. Doodle's bestest buddy is a Tonkinese Grand Premier named Pygmy.

TICA 1999-2001 Best Scottish Fold Alter International

GP Linanci's Ruby SlippEar McOz

*Ruby* age 5.5 years
Color: Red Classic Tabby
Bred by: Linnea Danielsen - Nancy Murphy
Owned by: Erienne Murphy
Click on the picture to see her 7.5 month picture! You can see how much she has matured in that time. Ruby still rules over her owner, my niece, Erienne Murphy, with a silken paw.


CH Linanci's GlendEar Ovthe North

Color: Cream Classic Tabby
Bred: Nancy Murphy & Linnea Danielsen
Retired Showcat and Breeder

GP Linanci's Lady Ear-Claire McTamm

Color: Smoke Calico
Bred: Linnea Danielsen - Nancy Murphy
Owned: Nancy Murphy


GC J-Cats Spell Weav'Ear of Linanci


Color: Blue Patched Tabby & White
Bred by: Judi Jones
Owned by: Linnea Danielsen

2000 CFA International Best Shorthaired Scottish Fold Kitten in Show
2001 CFA Southern Region 2nd Best of Breed

GC,GP Linanci's Sister Ray of Mixologies (CFA) and SGA, RW Linanci's Daiquiri of Mixologies (TICA)

*Dotti* or *Daq*
Color: Calico
Bred by: Linanci
Owned by: DeLynne Satimore

2000 CFA Southern Region 3rd Best of Breed
2002 CFA International Best Shorthair Scottish Fold Premier in Show
2003 TICA 16th Best Alter in the SE Region

GC Linanci's Doct'Ear Who & GP Linanci's Laird Hamish of J-Cats
Doc & Hamish Even though Doc & Hamish are grown up now, this is what they looked like at their very first show at age 4 months.

Color: Red Mactabby & White
Bred by: Linnea Danielsen
Owned by: Linnea Danielsen

*Hamish* GP Linanci's Laird Hamish of J-Cats
Color: Brown Tabby Van
Bred by: Linnea Danielsen
Owned by: Judy Jones / Linnea Danielsen
Hamish granded at the 2001 SE Regional Awards Show and was a 2 show Grand Premier. Look for his grown up picture to be here soon.

GC/QGC Linanci's Doct'Ear Who

Color: Red MacTabby & White
Bred: Linnea Danielsen
Owned by: Linnea Danielsen & Carissa Berry
14th Best SH Cat in the TICA SE Region, 2002

GC J-Cats Piobare of Hebrides


Color:Red Mactabby & White
Bred by: Judy Jones
Owned by: Grace Sutton
2000 CFA Gulfshore Region 2nd Best of Breed
Piper and Pru are littermates.
Their littermate, GP J-Cats MacDuff Earlines of Linanci, a black & white, shorthair was the 3rd kitten in the litter to grand.

GP J-Cats McDuff Earlines of Linanci

Color:Black & White
Bred by: Judy Jones
Owned by: Judy Jones & Linnea Danielsen


We are hoping that PR J-Cats Dream Weav'Ear of Linanci (Pheobe), will soon have her grand picture here. This will make her the 4th kitten of a litter of 5 (one kitten was straighteared) to grand. Pru, Piper, Duffy & Pheobe are the older siblings of Doc & Hamish. When we were blessed enough to "Grand" Doc, their mother, Linanci's Sara Lee became Linanci's first cat to earn the title of Distinguished Merit.

GP Linanci's Booboo B'Ear of Tarantara


Color: Brown Classic Tabby
Bred: Linnea Danielsen
Owned by: Barbara & William French


Boo granded on 8/25/01 at the Medina, Ohio show in Kitty Angell's Allbreed Ring. Booboo is a joy to show as he loves to play the clown for both judges and spectators. Thanks for showing him so well, Barb! Boo is GC, Catsize Johnny Ringo of Linanci's 6th kitten to grand. This photo was taken by Dave Hull who holds the copyright.

GP Linanci's Ensign Tamb'Ear'A

*Albert* who is sometimes called Whiny Fat Albert sits in this position daily and only needs a beer and a cigar to make his TV viewing complete. Albert now is one of the stars at Seaworld and shows his Buddha abilities off daily.
Color: Silver Tabby & White Van
Breeder/Owner: Linnea Danielsen


GC Linanci's Vir'Ear'Gil MacKenzie (of Wodfold)

Vir'Ear'Gil MacKenzie

Sire: GC Catsize Johnny Ringo of Linanci
Dam: Weekiltie Vanessa of Linanci
Color: Blue & White
Breeder: Linnea Danielsen
Owner: Lizz Wodrich

*Lumpy* is working diligently on earning his Grand Champion title while living the "Life of Riley" in the Wodrich household in Jacksonville, Florida. He shares the home and show limelight with his niece, HRH Princess Lizzie who is a brown patched tabby, longhaired, straight eared fold. She is also the daughter of above pictured GC Linanci's Doct'Ear Who. UPDATE!!! Lumpy earned his last needed points to become a Grand Champion at the Daytona Beach Cat Fanciers show in DeLand, FL, April 27, 2003.

Linanci's HRH Princess Lizzie

*Princess Lizzie* loves going to shows and being admired by her adoring public as she competes in the Household Pet Class.
Sire: GC Linanci's Doct'Ear Who
Dam: Linanci's SoliSue L'Anjou
Breeder: Linnea Danielsen
Owner: Lizz Wodrich

Princess Lizzie


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