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If you own a Linanci cat/kitten and would like to have your Fold featured in Family & Friends, send an e-mail to Linnea and I will tell you how your Fold can be featured! If you think might want to share your life with a Linanci Scottish Fold, feel free to contact me by clicking on the link on the left.

*Bear* Linanci's B'Ears A Honey
Owned: Dr. Julia Solomon

*Buddy* Linanci's Bestest Buddy
Owned: Dr. Julia Solomon


*Niffi* Nuggettes Mc Niffikitt of Linanci
Owned: Sherri Brooks
Niffi is Bear's great-grandfather through Bubba and Bear's grandfather through Patches and he's Buddy's father.


*Blue Boy Bear* Linanci's Blue Boy
Proud Mom: Karen Brown
Blue Boy is another Niffi son!
Blue Boy Bear


Here is Rob W. playing with his new best friend, Artymouse, a red cameo tabby & white son of Ringo.
Proud Dad: Rob W.

This picture was taken as Rob was learning how to put Arty to sleep by giving him a toe massage. Arty

HRH Princess Lizzie

Presenting HRH Princess Lizzie as Best HHP in Show are CFA Allbreed judge, Bob Zenda and HRH's proud mom, Lizz Wodrich! HRH lives with the above pictured Mouse who could care less about catshows. Look for the other foldie in the household, Lumpy (CH Linanci's V'Ear'Gil MacKenzie) to appear on the Showcat page soon.

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