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Distinguished Merit

This page is to spotlight the cats who have earned the title of Distinguished Merit. For females, that means they have produced a mix of 5 Grand Champions or Grand Premiers. For a male the number is a mix of 15 Grand Champions or Grand Premiers.


Linanci's Saralee


Linanci's Saralee, named that because "Nobody doesn't like Saralee", is Linanci's first cat to earn the title of Distinguished Merit (DM). Saralee became a DM with 2 litters of a total of 8 kittens. One kitten in each litter had straight-ears and the 6th fold is PR Linanci's Dream Weav'Ear (Phoebe) who is a spoiled princess who could care less about ever earning the last 29 points needed for her Grand Premier title.

Saralee's Grand offspring are:

GC J-Cats Spell Weav'Ear of Linanci (Pru)
GC J-Cats Piobaire of Hebrides (Piper)
GC Linanci's Doct'Ear Who (Doc)
GP J-Cats MacDuff Earlines (Duffy)
GP Linanci's Laird Hamish of J-Cats (Ham)

Sire: GC,RW Linanci's Clearwater Sailor
Dam: Linanci's Patches & Stripes
Breeder: Linnea Danielsen
Owners: Linnea Danielsen (Linanci) & Judy Jones (J-Cats)


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