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These are some of our Linanci babies. Most of these are grown up now but there will be new kits featured here on a regular basis. If you think you might want to share your life with a Linanci Scottish Fold, feel free to contact me by clicking on the link on the left.

*Chig* GP Linanci's Lochloosa ChiggEar- 1st SH Grand Premier

Color: Red spotted tabby & white
Bred: Linanci
Owned: Lynne Johnston in Boyton Beach, FL
Retired Showcat now Assisted Therapy Cat
Age in Photo: 2 months

Becca* GP, RW Linanci's HakunEar Matata
Color: brown classic patched tabby & white
Bred: Linanci
Owned: Adele & Linnea Danielsen
Retired Showcat
Age in Photo: 3 months

Long John Silver nursing the bottle and sister Brinnie behind him watching and waiting her turn.

Long John & Brinnie
Colors: LJSliver - black smoke & white
Brinnie - tortie & white
Bred: Nancy Murphy & Linnea Danielsen
Owner: LJSilver - Gail Andrew
Brinnie -Dr. Terry Tomlin, DVM & family

*Brinnie* PR Linanci's Brindled HeifEar
Color: tortie & white
Bred: Nancy Murphy & Linnea Danielsen
Owner: Dr. Terry Tomlin, DMV & family
Age in Photo: 3 - 4 weeks


Chig, Rhett, Kibble & Mouse

Chig, Rhett, Kibble & Mouse
Four little kittens all in a row!

Billy Joe
Color: silver mactabby & white
Bred: Linnea Danielsen
Owner: Theresa Ingraffia
Age in Photos: 3-4 weeks
Billie Joe

Straight Eared kits also make wonderful pets.

Straight Eared kits
What is a Scottish Fold without folded ears? Trick question? No. There really are Scottish Folds with "normal" ears. We call them Straight Eared Scottish Folds. Reputable breeders always use a cat with straight ears as one half of their breeding pairs. The cat registry associations allow us to use Straight Eared Scottish Folds, the British and American Shorthairs. Because of this, not all the kittens born of these pairings will have the Folded Ears. Every litter has a different mix of Folded and Straight kittens and we never know what number of each ear type will be until each litter reaches the age of 21 days.  The Straight Eared Folds have their own special appeal and many people who find they don't quite like the Folded look, really fall for the Straight Eared kittens. Both have the same sweet, wide eyed look. They both have the same plush, teddy bear coats. Both types have the same wonderful Scottish Fold personality and they come in both long and shorthaired coat lengths. While the Straight Ears are not accepted for Championship competition in most of the USA registry associations, many pet owners have had a great deal of fun showing them in the Household Pet Divisions.

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