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Echo Park, Los Angeles, 2016
 Oil, 9"x12"

Teardrop Park, L.A., 2016, Oil, 11"x14"

Echo Park Cafe, 2016
  Oil, 11"x14"

Silverlake Drive 2016
Oil, 10"x14"

Couple with Dog at Barnstall Park, Los Angeles, 2016, Oil, 11"x14"

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Hollyhock House, Hollywood, 2016 
Oil, 11" x 14"
Fauvist Landscape, 2016, Oil, 12"x12"

Hill Drive Glendale, CA, 2016, Oil, 11"x14"

Hollywood Forever, 2004
Oil, 12"x12"


L.A. Backyard Pool 2016, Oil, 11" x 14
dorothy's-garden-DSC05785-web.jpg (563944 bytes) Longridge.jpg (26763 bytes) High-Hill-Silverlake-9-5-16-WEB-IMGP0678.jpg (294182 bytes) Jacaranda-Party-WEB-IMG_20160610_173443.jpg (371159 bytes) Under-the-Trees-Valley-Glen-WEB-IMGP0584.jpg (130943 bytes)
Dorothy's Garden, 2010, Oil, 12"x16" Longridge, 2000
Oil, 8"x10"

Silverlake Dry Lake, CA, 2016, Oil, 11"x14"

Party Under the Jacaranda Tree, 2015
Pastel, 13"x13.5"


Under the Trees in Valley Glen Park 2016, Oil, 11"x14"

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