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The Front Hallway, A Guide To Dar Anahita

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The entrance to my web-home.
Notice the green tile roof, typical of Fes.
Check the weather in Fes, Morocco, my father's home, which is updated every time you visit the page.

Here is some information about me, if you really want to look.

has walls lined with elaborately carved and painted shelves and cupboards filled with books, scrolls, papers. Under the windows are divans and cushions on which to sit, in front of which are round, shell inlaid, wooden tables... Pull down some reading matter and get cozy...

Here there is information about The Travelling Moorish Reading Room, my personal commentaries on being Near or Middle Eastern in the SCA, brief histories of al-Maghreb and al-Andalus, and links to other websites about Near and Middle Eastern cultures and names.

Some of my essays include:
  • The Near East. Not the Middle East
    Why a limited term ought to be replaced by a more expansive and inclusive term. Also wander off to Indonesia...
  • So, You Want to be a Near Easterner?
    ...a huge geographical range to choose from... and you don't have to be a Muslim... plus how belly dance as we know it did not exist and what you can do about it
  • SCA Middle Eastern Cultural Myths
    Are all Arabs Muslims? Are all Muslims Arabs? Is "ATS" period? If i'm a 6 foot tall red-head, how can i have a Middle Eastern persona? This and more than you ever wanted to know...
  • Know Your Turks!
    Yes, there's more than one kind of importance to SCA Near Easterners! Find out how important the Seljuk Turks are, and how little influence the Ottoman Turks had within the SCA time frame.
    What! Did you think they were all Ottoman Turks? Bah! The Ottoman Turks were johnnies-come-lately in the SCA time period. Find out about them and the Seljuk Turks who came before them, and the Beyliks, and...
  • The Travelling Moorish Reading Room
    ...a selection from my collection of books on al-Maghrib and al-Andalus, the world of al-Islam, Near Eastern art and food, Late Antique and Medieval Egyptian textiles, Medieval Jews, and knitting
  • A Brief History of al-Maghrib
    A very little bit about Morocco, from pre-history to the 20th century, concentrating on the period from the rule of Rome through the advent of Islam
  • A Briefer History of al-Andalus
    A little bit about Spain, from the fall of Rome to the Reconquista
Also in the Library are several pages of links to aspects of Near and Middle Eastern culture.

is where most of what is shared in a Moroccan home takes place.
Notice the inlay in the wooden roof on the gazebo that covers the marble fountain.
Feel refreshed surrounded by plants and the sound of song birds.

And in Dar Anahita, the Courtyard is where you'll find information about the clothing of Medieval North Africa and Muslim Spain, of the Persian and Ottoman Empires, Mamluk and other textiles, and early Egyptian knitting.

is off to one side of the central courtyard. It is not quite a room, yet set back and somewhat protected from the elements - lined with soft coushioned banquettes, the walls decorated with intricate zellij tile work.

You'll also find information about and recipes for authentic Medieval and Renaissance cooking in Europe and in the Near East, including an Ottoman feast using recipes from the 15th and 16th centuries. There are also some modern Moroccan recipes, as well as links to other websites about Near and Middle Eastern food and Medieval and Renaissance food.

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