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Relax in

al-Iwan, the Dining Niche

The Dining Niche

The Iwan is off to one side of the central courtyard. It is not quite a room, yet set back and somewhat protected from the elements - lined with soft cushioned banquettes, the walls decorated with intricate zellij tile work.

Settle back on a cushion. I'll have a servant bring a refreshing beverage and some food. Do you eat meats or do you prefer vegetables only?

I have cooked a little Medieval Middle Eastern food. And I like to eat modern ethnic Middle Eastern food. I'm including here a few of my favorite recipes and some cookbooks i recommend, and some links to useful food sites on the 'web.

I also assisted at several feasts, although at the moment i'm not quite sure if i remember them all. Among them were the Boar Hunt Feast 1999, Mists Spring Investiture 2003 and Mists Fall Investiture 2003. I volunteered to assist at several other feasts, but my services were not needed.

I've expanded the house, and the Dining Niche has moved... just click on The Cook...