Three Andalusian Men

Three Muslim Men

Three bearded Andalusian Muslim men wear long heavy tunics with long sleeves. One tunic is pink, one medium-dark green, one white. These colors may represent actual reality, or they may just have been chosen by the artist because he liked the colors. None has any trim and all are unbelted.

The man on the left wears a headcloth which may be held in place by a filet or a self-wrap. The cloth extends down the sides of his head, under his chin and around his shoulders, much the way the keffiyeh can be worn today in Arabia and the Middle East. The man in the middle has removed his headcovering, which sits on the floor at his feet. Both he and the man on the right wear white cloth wraps around pointed hats with balls on top. The two men on the left wear little slippers similar to those of the women in the second picture, while the man on the right is barefoot.