Two Men, a Muslim and a Christian

Two Men, One Muslim, One Christian, in a tent

Another cultural constrast. The two men are seated in a typical Muslim tent -- this style appears also in Persian art from both earlier and later -- which is decorated with a band of writing around the top. The Muslim is in a long loose tunic with wide sleeves. He may wear an under-tunic as well--look at his extended arm -- I can't tell if it's sheer with wide sleeves or has tight sleeves. He wears a headwrap and a cloth that covers the sides of his head, his neck and his shoulders. His long straight sword is suspended from a red belt or cord that goes over his right shoulder and under his left. He is wearing socks or undyed boots on his feet.

The Christian man is bareheaded and either clean-shaven or with a small trimmed beard (hard to see in this fuzzy reproduction). He wears a light, possibly sheer, tunic or cotehardie, and over this what appears to be a vermillion sideless surcote lined with fabric of a different color - in other pictures, not reproduced here, it appears likely that the skirt of this seeming sideless surcote is long and loose in the rear and used as a cloak. On his feet are red hose or boots.