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The Masnik/Smith NYC Healing Grid
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Mem Masnik and Mary Beth Smith, two Light Language teachers, created this powerful New York City Healing Grid by using specific Sacred Geometry forms and colors to intensify the activation of its cleanup and general healing.

For instance, they chose a gold moebius for the prime center location to represent renovation and transformation, and a green octahedron elsewhere to bring harmony out of conflict. The orange icosahedra expand and increase the capacity to manifest the desired physical outcome and are also appropriate for increasing personal or business income.

Simply by glancing at it and passing it around to others, the NYC healing grid's impact will be greatly strengthened by the added energies. It can also be copied, mailed, and put up at health food store bulletin boards, supermarkets, and other places. It's not necessary for viewers to know its meaning. Please copy and distribute this special Healing Grid.

Mini Grid

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This is an ancient form of healing brought to us from Shamans in Mexico. Light Language Sacred Geometry colors and shapes are the building blocks for everything. These structures can be used to change our lives, our health, finances, relationships and our physical surroundings -- anything that is in our thoughts.

The geometric shapes and light colors are what form our auras and determine what we resonate with in life. As new harmonious frequencies are added and become stronger in our light bodies, they enable us to manifest our desired changes in the physical plane. "As Above, So Below."

Mary Beth and Mem will share more about Light Language at the next LifeSpirit Gathering (check for date at
LifeSpirit Bulletin) and show us other examples of these grids. A grid can be used to: increase your cash or the number of your paying clients, fulfill your life's purpose, and help those with conditions of dis-ease. Not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate or cure medical or psychological conditions.

If you are interested in having a personalized Light Language Grid made up for you, or signing up for a first level LL class, call Mem at (973) 770-2597 or Mary Beth at (973) 441-3091 for a phone interview time and price information. The email address is:

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