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Mars Peace Encounter Ritual
 August 27, 2003

Lord Shiva

Light of Mars Enlightening
Mars Light

Binding Rudra

Earth and Mars had their closest encounter in the past 60,000 years on August 27, 2003 and LifeSpirit Center hosted Qabalist and Astrologer Tom Eisele - - who conducted a traditional Invocation of the Pentagram and Hexagram to ground the unique Mars energies of the night to the path of Peace and Freedom. The service was conducted at the Crystal Dragon Circle - dragoncircle.html with 13 participants.

Night wind in the trees -
Stars splashed above ruddy Mars,
Beneath Milky Way.

Tom had cast the midnight horoscope for the location of the Circle and Ritual.  It showed Mars (in retrograde) and Uranus (the revolutionary planet) conjunct in the mid-Heaven (Pisces), with Sun, Venus, New Moon & Jupiter in opposition, in Virgo. States Tom, "Many of the other points of interest in the horoscope were located in either sextile or trine to the planets in opposition (Saturn and the asteroid Ceres conjunct in the sign of Cancer, The Vertex or "Gate of Destiny" and the asteroid Vesta conjunct in the sign of Scorpio)."

These allignments form the shape of the 15th Rune of the Elder Futhark, Elk (the "Z" Rune) - Protection, the sacrifice of the lesser for the greater (see: New Age Rune Poem). 

It also forms a giant Peace Sign in the sky.

Peace      Elk

During the preparation, Tom "accidentally" turned over one of the many Runes at the Circle, revealing the 9th "H" Rune, Hail, the icy counterpoint to Mars' fire, and symbol of the unstoppable forces of nature at work.

The Ritual was performed before an image of Shiva and was preceded by the Formula of the Light, spontaneous prayer and toning Om.

It  included projecting protective energies in the form of the Qabalist Pentagram, followed by an Invocation of the Mars Energies through toning and the Qabalist Hexagram.  The energies were grounded to the highest good of the world and humanity, in Peace and Freedom.

The presence of the Martian Energies was confirmed by a curious candle blowout:  a red candle in a glass container was lit for Mars and a blue glass container candle was lit for balance, but the blue light flickered out as Mars was being invoked (not one of the other dozen exposed white citronella candles in the Glen went out).

We concluded the ritual by chanting Om Nama Shivaya - which may be translated as, Om. This World is energized (or manifested) by Shiva -

Thus the ruddy planet, Rudra, as it were, was bound to an era of Peace and Freedom (we will have another close encounter with Mars in 284 years).  Shiva may be seen as the positive aspect of Mars - the Creator/Recreator and Rudra as the negative, Destroyer aspect.  Shiva binds Rudra, as both are aspects of the same One.  This is a great Mystery and most liberating truth.

In this way, through an eclectic ritual combining various aspects of the Western Esoteric Tradition, from Aryan roots, Runic mysteries and Qabalistic working, the energies of Mars were fixed at the Dragon Circle, knowing that All Circles are One Circle.  All who attended felt powerful energies moving and grounding.

After the service, several of us experienced a Double White Light Fly-By, see: encounters.html#Marsflyby.

A couple photos of the candle-lit ritual are below.  Please note that the red light above and to the right of Tom Eisele is not a direct image of Mars, nor of any of the candles, which were all at ground level.  It is, though, an indication of the Mars Energies permeating the Ritual. 

 Tom at the Dragon Circle
 Tom and John at the end of the Ritual

 Carina, Lilly & Leon
 The Martian Singers

 From the Center let Light and Love flow forth...
 Circle Lights

Om Nama Shivaya

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