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Alternate Modality Services Available to Communicants

Communicants of the Center are those people with whom we are in communication and who wish to be associated with the Center. There is no formal membership, though we like to hear from our Communicants and would appreciate an e-mail message to Potential Communicants are asked to consider our Goals, default.htm - goals. LifeSpirit Center and its Communicants ascribe to the Holistic Awareness Declaration. The Declaration is reproduced here: hanadeclaration.htm. This establishes our status as a private association.

We also subscribe to The Holistic Practitioners Code.

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As an associate of a private association, the Communicant has access to the privately licensed services provided through the Center and through the many Alternate Practitioners with whom the Center has contact. Our Privacy Statement is at privacy.html. We do not diagnose, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure disease. You can find our more about our history at history.htm.

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These modalities include:

(1) BioAcoustics (founded by Sharry Edwards), see, and the Sound Health Research Institute,

(2) Naturopathy (Dr. Heriberto Gonzalez), see,

(3) Reflexology (Mystic Gateway), see

(4) Bioenergetic Nutrition (Ralph Fucetola) see below

(5) Biological Terrain Evaluation and Support, New Life Center,

(6) Holistic Synergy, Reflexology and Aromatherapy (Northeast Holistic Center) see,

(7) Palmtherapy, God's Center,, 570-686-3431

(8) Al Salomon, Superb Tragerâ Work, alternate business consultant -- 973-226-7049,

(9) Extraordinary hands on work, including Neuromuscular, Biosomatic Movement Therapy, Shiatsu; Cranio-Sacral 1&2, Reiki 1&2, Solution Work, Mineral, Chi Wave Machine, Gems of Excellence, Circle of Life, CUSTOM ORTHOTICS at a discount. -- 914-986-9348,

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Ms. Edwards works out of SE Ohio (though she has several trained practitioners in the NY Metro Area). The rest of the above are all in the NY Metro Area. The good folk at God's Center are certified in Palmtherapy and are among the few to offer this modality in the metro area. For more on Palmtherapy, see Ultimate Mind at None of these modalities diagnose disease, nor do they offer to prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure disease. LSC makes no therapeutic claims regarding these modalities.

Bioenergetic Nutritionä encompasses the private use (1) of non-invasive electro-static, bioacoustic and other energetic evaluation methodologies and (2) the providing of bioenergetic nutrition through such sources as light, sound, magnetism and static charge. Bioenergetic Nutrition is offered to complement other alternate and standard modalities. For more information on this modality, see: bionutrit.htm. Ralph and Kathy Fucetola have been minister practitioners since 1974, having been trained in such modalities as Reiki, BioAcoustics, Bioenergetic Nutrition, and Homeopathy. We are available for private sessions, professional referrals, workshops and seminars. Requested donations of $50.00 per hour are appreciated; the requested donation for a basic BioAcoustic and BioEnergetic evaluation is $100.00 for a one to two hour session. Arrangements with other practitioners must be made directly with them.

We have been studying information about the benefits of various wellness equipment and modalities for two decades. These include various evaluation and bioenergetic nutrition techniques. We've also been interested in saunas, Jacuzzi's, oxygen and steam chambers. Our research has revealed quite a bit about the wellness benefits of saunas of different types. We learned that, while the detoxification benefits can be real, the high temperatures of the usual sauna can be uncomfortable for many, dangerous to some. There has been an alternative, though, originally developed in Japan. This is the use of dry radiant heat (infrared) saunas. In the past these units were heavy and somewhat difficult to install (but still lighter and easier than the potentially dangerous heated stone variety).

Try the same nutrients we use, check out Ralph's Nutrient Picks page. Ralph admits that his short term memory was "kind of getting lost..." until he started using Eye Q Spaâ with Ginko biloba -- these and various other advanced nutrients can be linked from the above stated web page.

Take a look at Lita Lee, Ph.D.'s new web site; enzymes and more,

Our privacy statement and disclaimers can be found at privacy.html.

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