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Kathy on the passing of the X-Files.

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BREAKING NEWS! -- The 2001 Fall Equinox Gathering was on 10/27;
Winter Solstice was held on 12/31. Spring 2002 Equinox on 03/23.
The 2002 Summer Gathering was 07/06 at LifeSpirit Newton Center.
Winter Gathering 2002 was New Year's Eve.
For future Gathering details see, the
Gathering section of the On-line Bulletin.

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 BREAKING NEWS: Next LifeSpirit Gathering.

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In Memory: Charles Raspil - Passed to Astral-Land

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Email rumors got you? Check them first at www.breakthechain.org.

The Institute for Health Research, www.inhere,org, has established a Message Board for alternative health concerns and the 9/11 terrorist attack; you can reach it here: 9/11 Aftermath Message Board.


Witch Vox, Neo Pagan Listings

Maia, Angelic Toning

Where we feature some interesting sites from our links list, lsclinks.html

New from Mem and Mary Beth, NYC 9/11 Healing Grid.

Revised and updated LifeSpirit Church History site, history.htm, Crystal Dragon Circle
New on the Net: The Holistic Practitioners' Code, New Age Music by Don Slepian, www.DonSlepian.com.

Claudia's www.webmavin.com

LifeSpirit Close Encounters Journal, encounters.html
and a Clearing Prayer, Clearing.html we use.

New on the web, LifeSpirit Crystal Dragon Circle

The LifeSpirit Conection, lscconnect.htm listing of metro area practitioners & others,
or for alternative services available to Communicants,
lscservices.htm. SOLAR STORM ALERTS; COSMIC EVENTS, solar.htm

New Age Rune Poem by Rev. Esnur, newagerunes.html

Quarterly Bulletin and Messages from the Chair:
LifeSpirit Bulletin, On Line
fromthechair.htm &
New Age Homilies,
Bulletin Archives

LifeSpirit Organization Privacy Statement, privacy.html

The OnLine Cemetery, www.onlinecemetery.org.

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For a more detailed look at our History, including information on Church Beliefs, Structure, the Ministry and Church Orders, History.htm (includes Transhumanity and The Quest) - about 14 pages, plus links.

 The LifeSpirit Congregational Church www.lifespirit.org is a recognized religious body, church and private association of independent Congregations, founded by Ralph Fucetola [biogrf.htm] and Kathy A. Greene Fucetola [biogkag.htm] in 1974, mutually supporting certain positive New Age Teachings.

Some thoughts for the near future, New Age Homilies, homilies.htm.

The Church's Main Page is www.lifespirit.org.

To make donations to LifeSpirit, Donations.

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The Church provides religious, charitable and educational services to the New Age, and its Trustees are incorporated under New Jersey law. Chief among its Teachings is that Higher Consciousness is the True Goal of each Seeker. It also teaches the Law of Equal Liberty: "Do with your own as you will." and the Doctrine of Retreat, which urges the Congregations to eschew secularism. It considers concern with psychic functioning, longevity, living alternatives, healing, mysticism and illumination to be appropriate religious concerns.

It sponsors traditional religious ritual, such as marriages, namings, memorials, and, celebrates, together, four High Holy Days (the equinoxes and solstices), to express our oneness with the Great Cosmic Cycles of Gaia, Luna and Sol. The Teachings have led several of the Congregations, working through church approved auxiliary bodies, to Act in the World by expressing healing and teaching Ministries. The LifeSpirit Formula of the Light, lightform.html. We also sponsor the On Line Cemetery, www.onlinecemetery.org. We support the Holistic Code, www.lifespirit.org/holisticcode.html.

The most active of these Auxiliaries include LifeSpirit Center and Golden Apple Library (Sussex County, NJ) http://www.lifespiritcenter.org/, Earthbridge (Morris County, NJ), People Awareness Retreat (Bergen County, NJ), Lightwing Center (Morris) www.lightwing.org and Northeast Holistic Center (Essex County, NJ) www.healnhc.org.

LSC Ritual Center with photos, LifeSpirit Crystal Dragon Circle

LifeSpirit Organization Privacy Statement, privacy.html.

LifeSpirit Religious Beliefs regarding Vaccination.

More information on Beliefs, history.htm.

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LifeSpirit Center services for Communicants, lscservices.htm
And area practitioners,
lscconnect.htm -- Our Links Page, lsclinks.html.
(Listings of alternative practitioners mostly in the NY metro area).

LifeSpirit Center (LSC) is a non-sectarian outreach of the Founders' Ministry. It provides spiritual and holistic services to the New Age and alternative community, including information about alternative modalities (from its hundreds of files of such information). LSC sponsors workshops in Spiritual Energy Workä and Bioenergetic Nutritionä for the Alternative and New Age Communities and its Minister Practitioners offer private consultations in BioAcousticsä and Bioenergeticsä. See: Bioenergetic Nutritionä, bionutrit.htm.

The Center also is founding sponsor of the Online Memorial Park, www.onlinecemetery.org an internet facility for the archiving and memorializing of internet information and personalities; for more information, see the Online Cemetery Home Page and Mission Statement, OLCmission.htm. Additionally, the Center maintains the Golden Apple Library of several thousand books and other works on alternatives, metaphysics, religion and similar subjects. This internet site is maintained as an ordinary part of the licensed and ordained Ministry of the Founders.

To donate to LifeSpirit, http://users.net-lynx.com/~lifespirit/donations.html.

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Thus Communicants seek their highest potential as individuals through the Teachings, while the Congregations practice Retreat & the Ministries witness the Teachings through voluntary and non-coercive commitment in the wider community, for, as the Doctrine of the Church says, "the Spirit of Life is spontaneous & free."

The Church and its Congregations, Auxiliaries and Ministers do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure disease.

Further, detailed, information on LifeSpirit Beliefs, ministerial activities and the Goal of the Free, history.htm.

For The LifeSpirit Formula of the Light, lightform.html.

LifeSpirit Crystal Dragon Circle.

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LifeSprit Close Encounters Journal -- the Visitors and Us, encounters.html

A Clearing Prayer, Clearing.html, The LifeSpririt Formula of the Light, lightform.html

Revised and updated History of the Church and Ministry, history.htm

The Hidden Stream -- an epic of consciousness & history, hiddenstream.html

New Age Rune Poem by Rev. Esnur, newagerunes.html

A Message for the New Millennium from the Dalai Lama, Dalai Lama

The Practice of Alternatives is not the Practice of Medicine, rfaltheal.htm

The Connections Among Us Are More Than You Imagine! Elegy for the Millennium

Haiku for Godlings, haiku99.htm the Millennial Collection,
assembles Haiku by Rev. Esnur from 1963 to 2000.

The Meditation on the One [e=mc2] is here: MEDITONE.htm.

Article on Bioenergetic Nutritionä, bionutrit.htm

The Ministry and Alternative Practices, a Personal Perspective, minlaw.htm

Millennial Homilies for the New Age,
3 years of Quarterly Bulletin homilies,

The Quarterly Bulletin Messages from the Chair, Kathy A. Greene, for '96 through '99,
are here:
fromthechair.htm and the current message is here:lsbcurrent.htm.

The LifeSpirit Commentaries, 100k compilation of the first two decades of LCC Bulletins and other publications, benchmarked and indexed, with the full text of Transhumanity and the Ho'Oponono of the Spirit, Comments.htm.

The Book of Illuminations -- Third I Edition, BofI.htm
(An Exposition of the Greatest Truth: Thou art God/dess in the Fullness of Thy Being)

The Book of Passages (Guidance for the Journey from Life to Life) BofP.htm.

The East Coast Power Vortex: Tripod Rock.htm.

The Herbalist's Charter of Henry VIII, herbcharter.htm

LifeSpirit Crystal Dragon Circle

LifeSpirit Bulletin, On Line


 To our links page, lsclinks.html

We do not endorse the linked sites, which may contain positions with which we may not agree, but offer these links for informational purposes only.

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