Millennial Homilies for the New Age

Collected from the former Quarterly & current On-Line Bulletin
LifeSpirit Congregational Church

Rev. Esnur (Ralph Fucetola, JD)

ã 1990 - 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

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To: Current Bulletin Homily - 2004
Holding the Light in Dark Times - 03/03
The Matrix Revisited -- 05/16/03 - 11/11/03
Only Love Prevails -- 10/02
Attitude is Everything! -- 06/18/02
Mirror Technique -- 12/01
Leadership and Self-Deception -- 10/01
The Time Out of Time -- 03 & 06/01
Close Encounters Journal -- 12/00
The Lifespirit and the Secrets of the Kabbalah -- 09/09/00
Evolution and Change into the Year 2012 Gateway -- 06/01/00
May 5, 2000: The Final Alignment! -- 03/10/00
Elegy for the Millennium -- 12/7/99
The Power and the Glory -- 9/20/99
Preparing Body, Mind & Spirit -- 6/14/99
Frequency Protection -- 3/7/99
Millennium Madness -- 9/23/98
One Thousand Days 'Til the Millennium -- 2/10/97
The Holy Graal and the Quest for Self Sovereignty -- 2/29/96
Chaos and Manifestation in the New Age -- 8/30/95
What Happens Next? -- 5/16/95
Merkaba -- 11/14/94
In the Face of Chaos -- 03/08/92
Fire and Ice -- 11/16/91

Psychic Patterns and Manifestation -- 11/16/90

Vol. XXIX - 2004

Current Bulletin Homily
Rewiring Reality - The Millennium Cosmic Gateways

Vol.XXVIII - 2003

On Holding the Light in Dark Times

While I have faith that
“…dark may neither abide / Nor penetrate the Light…”
(Formula of the Light),
we seem to be facing dark times indeed.

Faith in the Light is what makes a Light Worker.  What is such a one to do when the powers-that-be seem hell-bent on war and people around the world live in fear of random attack?

What is the role of the Light Worker in such times?  How does one “hold the Light” in the face of all this terror?  Where is one to turn?

I doubt one can advance spiritually unless one is willing to practice what one preaches.  Practice is the heart of holding the Light.  It isn’t enough to believe that one is responsible for the state of the experienced world.  One must act on that belief, if one is to bear Light into this darkening world.

Such action-in-the-world can consist of external acts, such as speaking truth in the face of the hysteria of the moment, joining peace demonstrations, refusing to sanction war-makers by voting for the official tax-supported war parties, refusing to sanction war power as a juror, and the like.  Practice can also consist of internal acts.  Praying for peace, bringing a feeling of peace into meditation practice, the collective action of Only Love Prevails, are all examples of this.  Advanced Consciousness and Energy practices aimed at manifesting peacefulness in the external world can also be part of it.  LifeSpirit Peace Prayers & Vigils web page.

The point is that every conscious act that acknowledges the Light within expands that Light to the without…

Until expanding the Light becomes the continual unconscious manifestation of the God within... and then there is Peace within the Self and Peace in all one’s experiencing.  In this way enlightenment grows from being to being, endlessly.  Thus peace must prevail.

Therefore, hold the Light… and pass it on.

Vol. XXVIII - 2003
The Matrix Reloaded and Goedel's Theorem

In the sequel to The Matrix, Neo meets the artificially intelligent Architect that created the mind-control Matrix.  It prides itself on its ability to seek mathematical perfection and harmony.  Harmony may be possible, but, is mathematical perfection ever possible, even in theory?

The world of the Matrix is, as revealed at the end of the episode, in the sixth age since the AI machines took over.  The Architect says the first Matrix was mathematically perfect, but a dismal failure, and each subsequent Matrix has eventually produced an "anomaly" -- the free person who could challenge the system.

The Architect claims to have studied human history, but apparently stopped its study of math at Whitehead & Russell's Principia Mathematica, the turn of the century (20th, that is) tome that attempted to systematize mathematics -- to find its perfection.

It was the great philosopher and mathematician Kurt Goedel (Princeton) who showed the foolishness of such a quest with his Incompleteness Theorem.

Briefly, the Theorem can be stated as, "Any formal system that includes integer arithmetic and is consistent, contains true statements that can not be proved within that formal system."

There are any number of glosses on that statement, such as, "No map is the territory" and "Every map has territories incognito..."  Or as Hamlet says, "There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy."

"Any complete formal system can not describe itself and therefore is actually incomplete."

[A simple example of the Theorem is found in Euclid's famous Fifth Axiom -- all 2D plane geometry is built on his first four postulates, yet, he included a Fifth, not needed for any proof, but needed for "completeness."  That Fifth is the Parallel Lines Postulate -- through a point, only one line can be drawn parallel to another line.  However, deny the postulate ("many lines" or "no lines") and what do you get?  The former gives the geometry of our 3-D world and the latter gives the geometry of the electromagnetic field.]

Thus the hubris of the Architect and the great fragility of any mind-control system.  Rather than the artificial logic of the computer program, if the Architect really wanted to understand the human mind (Natural Intelligence being of the greatest interest to an Artificial Intelligence...) it would have studied mythology -- Principia Discordia, not Mathematica.

The Matrix is the structure of illusion in our minds.  It is the Self-Chosen limitation of perceived order.  That structure, what we deem "reality" is but a mapping of deep reality in the brain, and thus, incomplete.

The Architect can never create a "perfect" mathematical Matrix and if it were truly an AI, it would know that.  That's why AI, when it comes, if it not be of the Dark, will recognize the value of Natural Intelligence in the Universe.

Neo is not a glitch in the system. Rather, no system of AI can ever be complete and must always generate such anomalies.  The Architect admits it needs Neo to make the Choice it cannot make.  The Choice it cannot understand, the Choice to Love.

While the Architect has mastered fractal geometry, giving the simulation of "reality" there is no mathematics that can ultimately engender the multiplexity of the out-there that we experience in-here as knowingness and emotion.  My prognosis for the third installment of the Matrix is that it will prove, yet again, that Only Love Prevails.

Update:  Matrix Revolution:  Sometimes great love is worth great sacrifice.  In the "final" episode, Neo Anderson (the New Son of Man) and his love Trinity reach beyond themselves to not just save the last Human City of Zion from the Machines, but to achieve Peace (for "as long as it can last") between Human and AI -- and the newest being, the Girl Child of the AI world, who can live in the Matrix with the humans who Choose to remain there, completes the Cycle by joining the Oracle and creating a beautiful dawn, "for Neo..."

Vol. XXVII - 2002

At this moment, that will set the primary focus of the next centuries; at this time of special danger to all that light workers have sought to achieve, we must simply learn to live our beliefs. Only Love Prevails means that Love is the sole true reality.

If we believe that Mind matters, that there is a meaningful link between our attitude and the world we experience, we must take responsibility for that experience.

This is especially so now that we live in a virtual community wherein most of our fellow humans are mesmerized by electronic media with its subliminal and blatant propaganda of hate, fear and control. Only those with open minds can conceive of a free and peaceful future for all our children. And then bring it into being.

Only Love Prevails -
Love alone abides, send forth
Love, and Love returns.

One well conceived Global Consciousness Experiment is:
the Catalyst for Peace proposal
of Victor and Carol Hansen Gray.

This is a simple program, requiring only that you remember who you truly are and counter hate in the media with Love in your heart. And then we shall see the power of awakened minds against the manipulations of the hate-mongers.

Please see our updated postings below and please, please join us in manifesting that Only Love Prevails!

Please join us. Only Love Prevails.


LifeSprit Peace Prayer Web Pages for Current Peace Vigils & Prayers -
PRAY FOR PEACE! - Peace Prayers, Vigils, Actions
Virtual Peace Candle Web Ring
Only Love Prevails - Peace through Love Consciousness
LifeSpirit Clearing Prayer


Vol. XXVII - 2002

A recent meeting focused on Attitude, and that was a good thing, since I found myself with a down Attitude that morning. I had learned that a physician I admire was being persecuted for her unorthodox beliefs and I was despairing of helping...

Some of the other people there saw me walking by, shoulders and head down, and they called me out on my Attitude. Within ten seconds I was laughing and a minute or two later, an idea occurred to me that may help the doctor.

So when it turned out that the staff meeting was on Attitude, I listened. Alex Goen always has an up Attitude -- almost always starting his presentations with, "I am so excited I can hardly stand it..."

Of course, we know that Attitude is Everything. Every positive thought teacher (from Napoleon Hill through Ramtha to Alex Goen) emphasizes this. In fact, probably the first book about this that reached best-seller status was the famous early 20th Century book by Hill entitled "Think and Grow Rich" which is all about Attitude. The central idea of that book is "What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve..."

So how do we achieve and maintain a Positive Attitude? By prevaricating with ourselves a bit: saying "I feel great!" repeatedly, even when you don't, will have a good impact. "Personal, Positive and Present" self-talk will eventually impact your Attitude. The most powerful voice you can hear is your own voice in your mind telling positive thoughts. If that voice is always telling you negatives, you will achieve nothing...

In truth, the voice in your head (which is not quite the voice that comes out of your mouth, as listening to yourself on tape shows you) is the Voice of the God within. So what is God telling you? In this case, it needs to be what you want to hear... "I'm doing great, and better each day..." And, of course, you do control what you tell yourself. So tell yourself only positive thoughts!

Attitude is everything!

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Vol. XXVI, No. 4 - Winter -& Spring 2001/02
Mirror Technique

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,
Who's the Fairest One of All?

In some ways, the hardest person to convince (hypnotize) is yourself. Then again, esoteric metaphysics suggests, once you've truly convinced yourself, the universe arranges itself to fit. "If it is to be, it is up to me." This is called "synchronicity" by the initiated, and "luck" by the world. So how do you convince yourself? By practice and with technique.

Mirrors, whether made by people or nature, since early times, have been seen as potential gateways to other and reflected realities. In one technique, the user sits in a dark room before a mirror and watches for images of distant, past or future events. In Feng Shui eight-sided mirrors are used to reflect beneficial energies into a space. Recently Rev. Mark Allen taught us about using a mirror with affirmations to improve one's attitudes and outcomes. Bless him for sharing.

With Hypnotic Mirror Technique, you are using the mirror to induce a mild self-hypnotic trance, during which you convince yourself through affirmations. An affirmation is a "present, positive and personal" statement that you choose to describe your ideal self, such as, "I am healthy, wealthy and wise." Or, "Every day, in every way, I grow better and better." And, "I get everything done in plenty of time." Or even, "I am God/goddess in the Fullness of my Being."

So here is what you do. Sit or stand in a quiet, well-lit space with a larger-than-your-head mirror about a foot from your face. Relax. Look directly into your eyes and see yourself. When you feel in the right state of mind -- relaxed, focused, alert, repeat, with increasing emotion and assurance, the affirmations you've chosen. Repeat each affirmation at least five times (more when you really feel it...) about three times daily for at least 21 days, to set them into your subconscious. Your subconscious will arrange things accordingly, once convinced by repetition, by the conviction and assurance you see reflected in your own reflected face. Do not choose too many affirmations at once (two or three to start with is fine).

This is a very powerful tool and should be used for serious purposes. Used in a negative way, it can reflect itself back most unpleasantly. Beware when the mirror presents yourself, unmasked, to yourself, and you look at yourself and your wants for what they really are. Reflecting yourself to yourself is one way of illuminating yourself. Used as outlined here, with trance and affirmations, mirror technique can be a great help in overcoming challenges and fortifying resolve. Used responsibly, the mirror is a powerful tool to self-realization.

ã 2001 - 12/29/01 Rev R. Fucetola

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Vol. XXVI No. 3 -- Fall & Winter 2001
Review of Leadership and Self Deception

The Arbringer Institute, the collective author of Leadership and Self Deception, tells us, " matter what we're doing on the outside, people respond primarily to how we're feeling about them on the inside. And how we're feeling about them depends on whether we're..." relating to them as people and not objects. (Page 31.)

This little gem of a book is aimed at people in institutions -- including businesses, associations, churches and agencies, but also (and most especially!) families, since families are the primary institution in which we live. The lesson is that when we feel that other people are just objects to be used, we deceive our selves and it is this fundamental deception that colors our ability to work with -- or live with -- the people around us.

Self betrayal is when we act contrarily to how we feel. Such betrayal of self leads to seeing the world in a way that justifies the betrayal. When I see a self-justifying world, my view of reality becomes distorted. This, of course, leads to others imposing their own self-justification, and the situation spirals out of control. The business fails, the church declines, the family breaks up.

The book closely studies various examples of this self-justifying and self destructive bind, showing how it operates in various settings in the world and family.

So, how do we get out of this box, or trap, of self-deception? By remembering to treat people as people. And how do you do that? By wanting to.

The first step out of the box is realizing that you are in it. Getting others to change does not change my own self deception. Simply coping with others won't do it either. Nor just leaving. You'd just take the box with you. In fact, even communicating won't work when you are in the self-deception trap. Since you and the Other will simply be communicating your own self-justifications. There are no techniques or behaviors that will free your relationships.

Only changing your feelings about the Other will get you out of the trap that your hidden feelings got you into. You need to let go of the self-justifying blame and anger that keep you in that box. Then you can begin to feel that the Other is a person. And it's ok to regret the way you felt before, that way you will stop resisting feeling that the Other is a person, not a thing.

This, as the New Age has come to know, means recognizing the Divine within each Other: for Thou art God/Goddess in the fullness of Thy Being. And how can I not love the Other that I truly see, without the blinder of self-deception?

 [The Arbringer Institute,, Leadership and Self Deception - Getting out of the Box, Pub. By Berret Koehler, 2000 - My thanks to Alex Goen for recommending this book.]

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Vol. XXVI, No. 1 & 2 -- Spring & Summer 2001
The Time Out of Time
Earth Changes, Angelic Visitors and Exciting Times...

It is generally known in New Age circles that many ancient prophecies point to our time in the human story as a very special time. The Mayans, those great calculators of calendaric precisions, end their calendar on December 21, 2012. Between 1998 and then is the period they call the "Time out of time..." Llewellyn's annual astrological review for 2001 reminds us:

"The Great Year, the astrological recession of the ages, lasting 25,868 years, is ready to turn from the... Piscean Age to the succeeding 2,156-year Great Month of Aquarius. ...the last 13 [arc] minutes of Pisces remain... This chart for the last breath of the Piscean Age strongly foretells the major transitions which will take place over the next 15 years..."

Some say we are reaching a critical moment of the Great Year itself, the moment when Mother Earth's axis begins to tilt back into the great flows of energy emanating from the Galactic Center, thereby ending an Age of Darkness and inaugurating an Age of Light. The Kali Yuga ends. We see the predicted Earth Changes convulsing the world around us. More volcanoes exploding than ever before, more earthquakes too... even two earlier this year in and around New York City!

Thus, being on the very cusp of great changes, we can understand a bit of why the Mayan seers saw our time as "time out of time..." A moment in history removed from the ordinary flow of time, thrust into a mythic time of great potential. We are living in an age of wonders, and we all will begin to see -- in the lights in the sky, in the energies vibrating from the earth, in the emotions welling from our deepest hearts -- undeniable proof that we are not living in a universe of "dead" matter and "blind" forces, but rather in a living, intelligent cosmos where we will, as the Book of Illuminations says, "find Friends..." (BofI.htm)

On November 27th Kathy and I were soaking in the parsonage's Jacuzzi, praying aloud under a moonless, completely cloud covered sky, when we experienced the cloud cover roll apart in all directions from directly overhead (first revealing the Pleiades and the great Jupiter/Saturn conjunction with the Seven), Orion close by. I was astounded to see the edges of the clouds tumbling and rolling under themselves as the sky opened. There was no wind.

This dramatic roll back of the clouds took about a half minute and as it reached most of the sky we noticed a strange glow on the parsonage chimney. There was a distinct humanoid shape in white - blue light seemingly spreading glowing wings. The shape remained gently pulsing against the chimney for perhaps ten minutes. Kathy invited the Visitor to stay if it came in peace and love. We continued the prayer for protection, peace and prosperity. Then we closed the Jacuzzi and went inside to find a flashlight (noticing that the glow was still there), but when we returned, the glow was gone and the flashlight showed no markings on the stones of the chimney. The clouds had returned. The question remains: what was the message of this visitation? Kathy and I both feel that the entity was a friendly and positive Visitor -- a true Light Being. One spiritual teacher with whom we discussed this said that such visions are often harbingers of beneficial change. So get ready...

See -
Lifespirit Close Encounters Journal

The Harmonic Convergence of 1987
The Harmonic Concordance of 2003

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Vol. XXV, No. 4 -- December, 2000
The Close Encounters Journal

The December 2000 issue of the Bulletin (Vol. XXV, No. 4) was published only on line. The Bulletin includes The Hidden Stream, an Epic of New Age Consciousness, hiddenstream.html and the establishment of the LifeSpirit Close Encounters Journal, with on line journal entries updated as members of the LifeSpirit Community email us (to with "Journal Entry" in the subject line) your brief reports of close encounters. The Journal now consists of an introductory essay reviewing thirty years of our close encounters with the first simultaneous entry covering the Angelic Visitor who came to LifeSpirit Center on November 27, 2000, encounters.html. We've also published a Clearing Prayer that we use when we feel the need to spiritually clear our surroundings, Clearing.html.

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Vol. XXV, No. 3 -- September 9, 2000
The LifeSpirit & the Secrets of the Kabbalah

Sacred geometry is the spiritual science relating the great polarities of the finite point with the infinite expansion of the radius -- a relationship which can be seen throughout the cosmos, whether looking at such pairs as proton/ electron wave, point/line or even Self/God. What sacred science shows is how to harmonize this relationship. There are, in sacred geometry, three "means" to harmonize the dichotomy: the arithmetic, the geometric and the harmonic. Each is a mathematical operation which harmonizes using, respectively, number, form and sound. "The aesthetics of the eye [the organ of the particular] and the ear [the organ of the extended] would seem to work in the same inverse relationship as that numerically given between the length and vibrational frequency of a musical string: what is symmetrically beautiful to the eye being harmonically unpleasant to the ear. And unlike the arithmetic and geometric means, both of which in their different media attempt to make an even division, one of a total number and the other of a total area, the harmonic mean produces tonal beauty by a division in which the differences... have an equality neither of number... or of proportion..." (pg 79) So states Prof. Lenora Leet in her extraordinary book, The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah. (1999, Inner Traditions, Rochester, VT,

Dr. Leet (who teaches English at St. John's University) brings together a wonderful breadth of understanding of the various sacred traditions that have interacted over the past several millennia to produce the Western Esoteric Tradition. She shows the connections among ancient Egyptian, Greek and Hebrew sacred science, with Pythagoras and Kabbalah being examples of their highest achievements. She traces the development of the Secret Doctrine (which is ultimately the revelation of one's God Self, the infinite in the particular) and exposes great secrets of sacred geometry inherent in even the earliest Kabbalistic works. From the point and the line, through the arc of radius, arise the circle and the hexagon -- from that, the hexagram, the sacred star, and from the rotation of the star, the Tree of Life itself. The Tree, that before reading this work had seemed to me an arbitrary structure, though filled with uncanny meaning, is shown by Prof. Leet to be a strictly geometric development of the earlier forms. Thus a great beauty is revealed. And Buckminster Fuller's understanding that hexagonal geometry underlies the structure of spacetime is again confirmed.

Not just linking together the esoteric traditions and unveiling the hidden sources of sacred geometry, this book shows the origin and pronunciation of the Holiest Name, YHVH and ingeniously derives quantum mechanics from the sacred science geometrically defined. Quoting John A. Wheeler, that "Physics is geometry." Dr. Leet shows how to express some of the most advanced concepts in modern physics through the structures of sacred geometry, with "...the strong force as implicitly containing all the powers of the life force..." (pg 402)

This is a book about sacred number, form and sound, hinting at awe-inspiring vistas of higher consciousness, where the LifeSpirit itself is seen as unfolding from the fundamental forces of nature, in a universe driven by the power of Love. The 400 pages of this exceptional work are beautifully illustrated with the most wonderful diagrams, filled with dense meaning. This book interweaves so many ancient esoteric and New Age concerns that it is a "must read" for anyone who wants insight into our origins and ultimate destinies.

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Vol XXV, No. 2 -- 06/01/00
Evolution and Change into the Year 2012 Gateway

As we rapidly shift through the spiritual gateways which marked the end of the old millennium (the end of the age of Pisces) -- the alignments and eclipses of late last summer, and into the gateways marking the new millennium (symbolically, finally, the Sunrise of the "dawning of the age of Aquarius") at the Grand Alignment of May 5, 2000, we are experiencing a realignment of the Way of Life on earth. What we do, how we do it, and the choices we have, are all changing. The pace of this change accelerates, moving us from Industrial Revolution abundance to Internet Revolution interconnectedness in a two century blink of the eye. It is said this process will peak in the "Final Year" (of the Mayan calendar, at least!) of 2012, on the Winter Solstice. We can hardly imagine where this is leading us, thus, the expectations of catastrophe. Well, catastrophes do happen, changing everything. Yet, Life goes on, and after the Sunrise comes the flowering of a new Day.

An earlier instance is the Cosmic Event that ended the age of the giant reptiles. Before the Event, the morphogenic fields of evolution diversified the scope of life within the expression that we call "dinosaurs." Immediately after, the very structure of the LifeSpirit, the field itself, had changed and new expressions of life could be explored, primarily avian and mamilian. Thus, the wave structure of change: gradual change punctuated with episodes of catastrophic change. Many signs and wonders tell that we are in such times of astounding change. However, applying the word "catastrophe" depends on one's point of view: a disaster ("bad star") for T. Rex; a new world for us mammals.

Changes are all about us! Volcanoes are smoking and/or erupting in Japan, Italy, the US, Central America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific -- all the "Rings of Fire." Ice shelves are collapsing and oceans are rising. Mom Earth is cleansing herSelf.  Perhaps, though, the greatest changes are occurring within. Nostradamus said Something would happen in "1999 and Seven Months..." -- July 2000? Is the Opening of the Seven Seals in Revelations actually the opening of all our Chakras? What kind of rumblings would that produce! All the gradual evolution of mind for the past ten millennia cannot have prepared us for the bio-electric leap about to happen. As the Book of Illuminations tells us,

Endless space,
Endless time,
Endless Mind.

Boundless and radiant,
Shimmering star Light
Coalescing about you:
You step through dimensions,

Seeing Light in the void;
You are a Star-kin.
Stuff of the stars;

Godling lllumined
From the Center...
...And beyond...

And when you trod
Through the Door,
You will find...


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Vol XXV, No. 1 -- 03/10/00
May 5, 2000: the Final Alignment!

From the announcement for New Madrid Run by Michael Reisig (Clear Creek Press): "FACT: The nearly perfect alignment of the planets in this solar system, an event unrecorded for thousands of years, will occur [May 5, 2000]. Some scientists have already reported a distinct increased wobble to the earth as it begins to respond to the gravitational pull of the alignment.

"WHAT IF this alignment and the ensuing gravitational pull disturbed the balance of the perpetually thickening ice mass of the South Pole? What if the polar ice masses were suddenly thrust across the earth's surface, causing a shift in the planet's poles and catastrophic geological and climatical changes. (Between Feb. 26 & March 23, 1998 a massive chunk of ice broke off the Antarctic Peninsula. This is a 75 square mile chunk of ice. The British Antarctic Survey has predicted the entire Larsen Ice Shelf, which covers more that 4,000 sq miles, is nearing its limit of stability ).

"WHAT IF inside a few terrible hours, the earth's surface is dramatically altered? Tidal waves of unrecorded proportion inundate coastal plains throughout the world, huge sections of the earth's crust shift in severe fault areas, land masses disappear into the sea and others rise out of the ocean as geodetic plates are forced together and buckle upwards, awesome volcanic eruptions spew ash and lava for thousands of square miles."

Well, just when you thought that getting through Y2K and Millennial Madness was done, here we come again with yet another chance at global disaster before the really big Earth Changes Year of 2012. And it's just a few weeks away! Prof. Hapgood was the initial proponent of the idea that massive crustal shifts can occur as a result of gravitational stresses. Albert Einstein agreed with him that this was possible. Richard Hoagland has given us the mathematics, in his work on Hyperdimensional Physics (see

Richard Noone ( & Pendulum.html), with his seminal work, May 5, 2000, first published twenty years ago, has shown us the potential scenario, with the extraordinary planetary alignment of that date. The alignment of all the largest planets on the opposite side of the sun from the earth only occurs every half dozen millennia.

So what will happen? Possibly nothing much. Possibly "the end of it all." But, since our thoughts determine our experience, think about the amazing new age which is dawning and get ready to enjoy the ride! We will be posting links and information about what we used to call "Earth Changes" but must now learn to call Solar System Changes, on our Solar Storms web page, linked through Some of the links there will give you daily updates and information about coming (cosmic) events. rf

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12/7/99 - Vol XXIV - 4
To Isis - Eve -- The Mitochondrial Mother of All Humanity

Elegy for the Millennium -- the Connections among Us

[This work is now part of The Hidden Stream]

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09/20/99 -- Vol XXIV-3

The Power and the Glory

Can you feel them? The waves of potential futures opening into the new Millennium? Everything that terrestrial humanity has experienced in the past ten or hundred millennia pales by comparison to what is coming...

To the geosphere of Earth, with its hydrosphere and atmosphere, the biosphere of Life was added long ago. That Life sought ever more improbably elegant structures, exploring first the astounding diversity of photosynthetic and aquatic beings, then the raw tooth and fang of the epoch of reptilian dominance (but that era ended -- or did it?).

Finally humanity arrives, and with us, the beginnings of our sphere of mind added to the physical Earth. Humanity has been around for a long time, enough time for civilizations to have risen and fallen a number of times. Nonetheless, it is with this ending millennium, with the creation of printing, then enhanced communications, now the web's ultimate connectiveness, that the noosphere, the linking of minds, has begun at last. But with this enhanced power of minds linked comes greater power to manifest those potential futures.

Imagine if we all dreamed the same dream...

We are at a special moment in human history. Standing upon an Earth in great need of caring; just beginning to reach into the infinite space above this world; jumping into the inner world of the on-line communion; moving into the fifth dimension world of spirit. This moment sets the energies for the next thousand years or more.  And they know this, those of a darker vision, who seek a future which merely replicates their reptoid mentality. The recent "Grand Cross" eclipse, the last of the Millennium, was one moment of supreme power where those who understood vied to imprint the future. This is perhaps the event (in the old Julian seventh month, our July 17th through August 17th) to which Nostradamus referred as the return of the King of Terror (anthropologist William Henry says that the word "terror" was interchangeable, in that time and place, for "enlightenment").

We know, from contacts on the internet, by phone and in person, that many light workers were sending Light into the Shadow represented by the eclipse. David Ickes, though, reports that the Great Pyramid, closed to the public during the eclipse, was a site where "black magic" rituals were conducted with the opposite intent. Those who thus sought to use Earth power points to twist the future failed; when they went into the etheric, they found Light and Love confounding their ambitions. We also know from the unusual number of injuries to light workers in the days just after the eclipse that there was a price to our efforts. Such energies, when released, will manifest powerfully -- as so many people in Turkey and Greece, along the path of totality, found in the horror of the subsequent earthquakes -- or the oddly "controlled" hurricanes, with their FEMA practice evacuations. And Y2K isn't even here yet...

R. Buckminster Fuller held that the new communications technology would free the world from the age-old control forces which have limited humanity's potential. In the rapid mobilization of light workers responding to the threat to steal our future we have seen the beginning of a great new power in human affairs, a power that first came together at the Harmonic Convergence and has now proven itself capable of standing toe-to-toe with the demonic forces which have for so long sought absolute temporal power. August 11, 1999 was our independence day, the first day of the New Age of Aquarius. "Terrible is this place."

See:  The Global Consciousness Project,
See:  LifeSpirit Peace Prayer Page, Only Love Prevails
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06/14/99 -- Vol. XXIV-2
Preparing Body, Mind and Spirit...

The winds of change are blowing through you, body, mind and spirit...

We all know, rationally, that round number years have no specific meaning or power. The Year 2000 is just two thousand years after an arbitrary moment, as the world goes stumbling toward we know not what. Well, if the truth were known, we have always and ever been stumbling to we know not where. If we were There, we wouldn't be here, right? And Y2K is just a half year away... Or is something more happening? New Age Egyptologists have discovered that the perhaps ten thousand year old Sphinx, and the equally ancient alignment of the three greatest pyramids, mark that moment in the Great Cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes, about half a Cycle ago, when the rapid meltdown of the remaining glaciers raised ocean levels by several hundred feet. Just about what global warming could do to our oceans over the next few decades. The Mayan Long Count ends in about twelve years. Exactly what is ending? And what is starting? Perhaps even the greatest century -- yet -- of human discovery & exploration.

The one thing that is certain is that we must always be ready for uncertainty! We have to "tend our own gardens..." and let the weeds beyond the fence alone. "Change your head instead..." was the 1960's most revolutionary phrase. You need to start with yourSelf. You need to take care of who you are. You need to prepare yourSelf, body, mind and spirit. For whom, "your hour come round at last" will stand in your place, at that tunnel of extraordinary Light.

As the Sages taught, when there is peace in the heart of each, there will be peace in the family; when peace in the families, peace in the community. When peace is loved in the diverse communities of humanity, then there will be peace in the world. The states of the world do not give us peace, just as they do not give us freedom. Arms in an endless stream will not create peace if it is lacking in hearts. This has to be the true lesson of the 20th Century.

Unless we remember the ancient injunction to "Know ThySelf", we will never survive the collapse, or even the success, of our technologies. "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you fail to bring forth what is within you, what you fail to bring forth will destroy you." The Gnostic Christ

Have no fear, for what can touch you in the heart of your soul that would cause you to regret having incarnated NOW, at this most unique moment in human history? Are you ready for the ride?

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03/07/99 -- Vol XXIV-1
Frequency Protection

"...there is no reason why the electromagnetic signals of our bodies should not be penetrated, disrupted or interfered with by other fields outside the body. It has, for instance, been shown in experiments with volunteers exposed to certain Very Low Frequency (VLF) ranges that the body suffers almost immediately from fainting, nausea, or loss of control under such exposure. On the other hand... if classical music is played during the experiment the ill-effects attributed to the VLF waves are nullified. So we are given here an idea of harmonious sounds [frequencies] forming a kind of interceding vibratory architecture around the body, protecting it, so to speak, from disruptive or imbalanced environmental radiation..." Robert Lawlor, Ancient Temple Architecture in Rediscovering Sacred Science, Floris Books, 1994.

Have you experienced the energies coming at us over this "mildest" of winters? The strep-like bacterial/viral combined upper respiratory involvement (viruses lurking within bacteria... shades of Naessons...) The crisXXossed contrails releasing what some say are the pesticides responsible for it... You can find anything to believe in, on the net... (and, just what pests are they seeking to eradicate?)

These physical manifestations reflect the Spiritual Energies of the last year of the old age. The toxic reaction is a cleansing process to make ready those who can be readied. Detoxification and Protection must be the watchwords for survival. Detoxifying diets, detoxifying energies, detoxifying lifestyles. These are the best protection anyone can find in the days that are ahead.

LifeSpirit Center has always seen its mission as working with the nutrient energies of life; the protective aspect of the LifeSpirit. This is a time for energy balance and wholeness. We urge all to seek balance in their lives. Balance the energies you experience. Feed yourselves wholesome life force energies. Now is the time to feed the architecture of your Merkaba - your true Self - with nourishing breath and energies.

And finally to remember the great protective power of Love. For truly, now more than ever, without Love in our Hearts, we are surely lost. And with Love, all things being possible, the New Age will be an opening to the Merkaba of Forever!

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09/23/98 -- Vol XXIII-3
On Millennial Madness

The Emperors of ancient China well knew the power of the Calendar. Each new dynasty would change the month of the new year and restart the annual year count. To some extent the Romans did the same, as did the Medieval Church, giving us the oddity of starting the year in winter, not the old pagan traditional spring new year. As the year count of the Roman Church became general throughout the West and then the World, people began to see significance in the year count. This is not unexpected; the Mayans developed a whole cosmology around their Long Count of days and greater cycles; the ancient Hindus kept tract of cycles of millions and even billions of years. As the West approached the year 1000, mass hysteria gripped many communities, leaving us stories of Millennial Madness -- of people so convinced that the "End of the World" was upon us, that they gave away all of their possessions and joined throngs of other believers, awaiting the End.

In a sense there is good astronomical (thus, astrological) reasoning behind viewing such cycles as significant. We are only just learning the significance of the various energy fields which inundate us, from the earth, from human activity and from the Universe at large. "Gravity" is the most prevalent of these energy fields, but many there are, undiscovered, which will be shown to have profound effect on consciousness and the unfolding drama of history. The Great Cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes is just one of these, orienting the Earth toward varying cosmic energy sources over a 26,000 year period.

When we speak about energy fields, we are talking about frequency. And when we speak of frequency, we are discussing a fundamental quality of all existence. Indeed, in modern physics, there is no distinction between frequency and substance. Another way of stating Einstein's famous equation, e = mc2, is to substitute an alternative phrase for "e" (energy) in the equation. Since e = hv, where "h" is Planck's Constant of Action and "v" (or, sometimes "f", is frequency (vibration), we can rewrite the equation, hv = mc2. Since "h" and "c" are Constants of Nature, it is clear that the only characteristic which distinguishes different "m's" (masses of matter) is the frequency ("v") thereof. Thus, frequency or cyclical factors are central to our experience of time (yes, time is also in Einstein's equation -- but since this s2 is on both sides, it is not usually written).

Which brings us back to the End Times. No, the World did not end on August 24th (actually, all Sargel predicted was that there would be "earthquakes" or "tidal waves" on the East Coast; and there were, of a sort, a few days later, but in the stock market -- the shock felt throughout the East Coast and whole world!). But we hope the fear that many felt did at least spur them to buy storage supplies; people should generally have at least 6 months of staples stored for whatever the birth of the New Age may offer.

So a thousand years has passed since the last new Millennium. This time we have the ominous 2MM (or Y2K) computer threat (by the way, it will start with the beginning of Fiscal Year 2000, on April 1, 1999 -- no fooling...) Yes, we may have good reason to be a bit shell shocked and ready to see the End of the World -- as we know it -- around every new calendrical corner. This time, who knows?

Since you create your own experiences, you do know, on some level of being. Now especially, each individual must listen to his or her own Higher Guidance to discern truth, to learn where each needs to be, to experience whatever is coming.

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02/10/97 -- Vol. XXIII, No.1
A Thousand Days 'til the Millennium...

Our upcoming Spring Equinox gathering is just about 1,000 days before the start of the new millennium*. Wanting to be prepared for whatever, we have been intently studying the predictions of all those who claim to foresee what is coming to pass. Given the interconnectedness of modern communications, this means confronting multi-megabytes of Internet data on such topics as prophecy, the new millennium, earth changes and the like. In addition, the Center receives numerous publications and other information. We always seek to understand this whirling flood, tugging the Truth by us (it is... out there...). One of our goals is to be a source of understanding in the New Age.

People ask us, "When are the earth changes going to happen?" Isn't it obvious that the Changes have started already? As Edgar Cayce predicted, they would start in the 1980's. Enormous cultural, political and physical changes are exploding all around us. An earthquake of consciousness breaks the Berlin Wall into rubble. A few techno-nerds throw open the DOD's computer links and the Internet is born, giving Global Consciousness its electromagnetic nerves. ITC (instrumental transcommunication with Spirit) gives us the hope that the Veil can be breached by anyone. Flooding in the midwest a few years ago results in the "temporary" creation of a huge lake below the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi. The desert around Reno just flooded. "New" microbes abound. Winters in the East whipsaw -- a year of nearly endless blizzard sandwiched between balmy new years eves. And yes, "dormant" volcanoes, north and south, rumble throughout the new world continents. What "rough beast..." comes ? Where are we going? Are you ready for the ride?

* We acknowledge the argument regarding exactly when the new millennium begins; psycho-spiritually, its starts on 1/1/2000.

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02/29/96 - Vol. XXII, No. 1
The Holy Graal and the Quest for Self Sovereignty

The Quest is the great myth of Western Consciousness. In Logres (Numinor, Atlantis), the lost realm of the ancient West, the warrior-bard seeks the Goddess of the Land, known as the Lady Sovereignty, the Goddess of the Sacred Spring, She who offers the Sacred Vessel, the Holy Graal, with its magic illuminating potency. The Maidens of the Sacred Springs had all been ravaged, and the old magic was disappearing from the land.

There were four ancient Hallows, in their pagan and later Christian forms. These were the (1) Sword Excalibar (variously the pagan Sword of Bran -- the diety whose living Head is buried under, and guards, London's White Tower; or the Christian Hallow Sword that beheaded John the Baptist), (2) the Holy Graal (which is Sovereignty's Sacred Womb, Cauldron of Abundance, and also, later, the Cup the Christ used at his Last Supper, which caught his Life's Blood at the Crucifixion), (3) the Silver Platten (the Panticle, the Tray which held Bran's bloody Head, or the Baptist's) and (4) the Spear of Destiny (the Celtic deity Lugh's Solar Phallic Spear, and the Lance which pierced the Christ's side, baptized in his Blood). These four power objects all received power through blood and are associated, in ancient beliefs and modern pagan practice, with the four directions, the four tarot suites, the Four High Holy Days, and many other fourfold mysteries.

These are the mysteries from which arose the Arthurian Graal legends, spilling from pagan roots, through mediaeval romances, to the gothic fantasies of the German romantics and the odd conspiracies of the Priory of Sion's sacred Bloodline... The Wounded King is unable to maintain the Spiritual Connection between the Land and its Lady. He is cut off from Her Grace and the Land is dying. It is only the pure of heart who may, after many adventures in this World and the Otherworld, find the Graal, heal the King and restore the Land. The myth has been retold many times, and none better than M.Z. Bradley's pagan retelling in the Mists of Avalon. This myth arises from the First Civilization of Atlantis, of Numinor, and gives Birth, from there, to the Sacred Bloodlines that flowed North and South, East and West, into the kingly lineages of the Sumerian City States, the godking-lineages of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the Mayan priestly lineages, the Fisher Kings of the Northern Realms, and beyond... (some say a tenth part of present day humanity descend from these lines)..

The myths tell us about a Golden Age in which the Sky Gods were in harmony with the Goddess of the Land, who held forth her abundance for all. This era lasted to the time of the Old European Civilization, the Megalith Builders. It is the world of peaceful, settled husbandry. And it is a civilization that was washed away by the floods of pastoral warrior nomads which marked both beginning and ending of the later Classical Civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome. Myth and history, the rape of the Goddess, and conquest by the first States, are in each of us. As is the Quest for Liberty.

In the esoteric understanding of the myth, each Questor is both the Pure Knight and the Wounded King, and only his (her) Anima, his Spirit Self, the Architect of his Self Sovereignty, holds the secret key to the power of the Graal. The Graal, in this understanding, is the technical means to the fulfillment of the Quest. It is the Vessel which contains the Mystery of Illumination. Of course, the King is wounded "in the thigh" and the Lady can only be served by one who is Whole and Pure. Thus the Graal both heals the Wound and restores the blighted Land. It is the hope we each have for healing the Wasteland within and without.

While this ancient myth is the foundation of Western Mysticism, and hallowed by millennia, it is also the veritable condition of the modern Self. We are, in deed, in a Wasteland of blighted spirituality and morality, where the Graal, bearing the Goddess's gifts from the Spring of Life, remains hidden away, under layers of cultural conditioning and jealously guarded Secrets. The Pure Knight seems nowhere to be found.

But it has always and only been the Quest itself that proved, and provided, the Pure Knight. All others fall by the wayside. "Good sir Knight, we are but an hundred poor virgins... will you not stay at our Castle until your wounds heal?" Only the Purest Knight resists all temptations to remain true to the Quest. Only the one Pure Knight can achieve the Graal and return with its healing power.

And each Questor must find, for him or her Self, the Way to the Goddess Sovereignty, to the Lady who holds forth the Cup which both completes the Quest and restores the World to its original purity. "If the doors of perception were cleansed, the world would appear as it is, infinite..." Wm Blake.

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08/30/95 -- Vol. XX - 3
Chaos and Manifestation in the New Age

New Age Religion proclaims that, as "Thou art God" you are capable of manifesting anything and everything -- indeed, you have manifested, for whatever reasons, exactly what you experience. New Age Science teaches that Chaos is at the heart of manifest Reality.

Manifestation and Chaos seem, at first thought, contradictory concepts. Is the Universe fundamentally an expression of Chaos, or is there some Mind, of which we are each a hologramatic part, which is dreaming the dream of Reality? Each Religion seeks to answer these questions, as does Philosophy, and, within its experimental limits, Science. It is precisely New Age religious philosophy which asserts, simultaneously, the power of Manifestation and the reality of Chaos.

In what sense can both Manifestation --which means personal ordering of the experience of existence-- and Chaos --which means the basic reality which does not pay attention to the rules of logic, co-exist in the same Universe? Where in Universe is the source energy for the expression of Manifestation by we individual Godlings and the source for the unruliness of Chaos? I suspect the Source of both is the same.

That link is Indeterminancy -- the principal that, at its heart, the Universe cannot be measured by those in It. All of our maps have blank spots. Fnords abound. Virtual particles manifest and unmanifest chaotically all around us, all the time. We just believe we are experiencing a stable, solid reality. Actually, all is flux, all is flow and Frequency. If we could see with submicroscopic eyes, we would see the Quantum Flux. If we could see with the Eyes of a Galaxy, we would see the eons swirl by, giddily. And what can't a Godling manifest in such a Universe! #9;

Thus it is the very Indeterminancy of Reality which allows Manifestation, while the infinite Manifestations of myriads of Sentient Beings across all the Galaxies are the very Chaos from which Indeterminancy springs. The Yin clasps its Yang, the Snake grasps its Tail....... And God/Goddess loves the Whole which we manifest for Its enjoyment.

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05/16/95 -- Vol. XX - 2
What Happens Next?

"The end of all our searching should be to arrive
at the place from which we departed,
and know it for the first time." T.S. Elliot

Fascination, anxiety, hope are the primary emotions we are experiencing as we face the anticipated Millenial Events. What is to come? John of Patmos, Nostradamus, Cayce, Ramtha, Gordon Michael Scallion, Mary Summer Rain and many others speaking from various eras address various concerns.

Shirley MacLaine describes the earth as going through a "global nervous breakdown." What does this "sound and fury" signify? We can be certain of one thing: the world around us is always a reflection of the world within us, a mirror of our dreams and dreads. It is imperative at this time that we go within and examine our feelings, our beliefs. It is imperative that we recognize our fears for the limits they impose and rise above them to creat a safe, loving and sustaining "New Earth." We owe it to Gaia. We owe it to our children. We owe it to ourselves.

What happens next? What's your focus? Let's all aim for Joy. It is long overdue!

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November 14, 1994 -- Vol. XIX No. 7
The Merkaba and the White Powder Gold!

      The creation of the Light Body (the Merkaba or the Double) is an operation of traditional magic which has become the subject of intense interest in the esoteric community.  In a sense, the whole Multiverse is a Merkaba, enscribed by the Dance of Shiva.  Creating your personal Merkaba is the Work of Illumination.  This Work is closely linked to Seeking the White Powder Gold, the Essence of Illumination.

      Very ancient works, such as parts of India's Vedas, China's Opening of the Golden Blossom, or certain parts of the Egyptian Book of Coming Forth into the Light (misnamed, The Book of the Dead), talk about these processes.  One achieves Immortality by giving birth to a spirit double, a Body of Light, which is one with the Gods, which can go forth without danger into all dimensions of the Multiverse.  The proof that one's Merkaba is functioning is that one has achieved the White Gold.

      At the present time, with the shift into a New Age, certain teachers are suggesting that only those with strong Light Bodies will survive the transition period.  Whether that is so or not, the exercises involved in creating the Double are of great spiritual value to body and soul.

      Some systems use the six pointed star of the Seal of Solomon (the ancient symbol of the interpenetration of Spirit into Matter) to represent this Light Body.  Chelsea Flor, teacher of Sacred Geometry, notes that the Seal is a two dimensional projection of a three dimensional shape:  two tetrahedrons, interpenetrating.  Of course, tetrahedral geometry has been held, by advanced thinkers from Fuller through Hoagland, to be the essential geometry of the Multiverse.  To Flor, this shape reveals the spiral structure of the Light Body, and permits willed enhancement through breathing exercises.  Various exercises have been proposed by various teachers to strengthen the Light Body and manifest the Standing Wave form of the Merkaba.  It is suggested that this process opens the Kundalini Channel and supercharged energy, together with a flux of hormones, rushes up the Spine and floods the Central Ventricle of the Brain:  the experience of Illumination itself.  Chelsea Flor suggests that this biochemical flux is the very White Gold of the Alchemists.  It can sometimes form a White Powder over the Third Eye area.

      Others have suggested that this White Powder Gold, or residue, is an essential mineral extract -- perhaps produced when Kundalini rises -- but also refinable from actual gold ore.  Recent Global Sciences Conferences have had reports on researchers seeking to isolate this White Powder Gold.  David Hudson, a "wealthy dirt farmer" from the Southwest (and a descendent of the "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" De Guess family) announced earlier this year that he has discovered the formula for "Manna" -- the Food of the Gods.  Ingesting this White Powder Gold is said to have remarkable effects, automatically spirling one up to the 5th dimensional Merkaba vibration (and all the "extras" that entails).  Mr. Hudson is reviving up production and will be GIVING away the Substance starting this coming spring.  We will continue to monitor these developments in Illuminatory Science.  It starts, though, with strengthening the Light Body.

       Imagine, finally, if you will, the Form of the Merkaba, a Diamond of Excellence, strung along opened and blazing Chakras.  The Points of this Light Body vibrate above and below the Base and Crown Chakras, enclosing all layers of the physical and etheric body in imperturbable Light.  Whatever the exercises (or supplements) chosen, the object is to realize the creation of an immortal Light Body.  When you have the Vehicle (in ancient Egyptian Mer means Love, Ka is the Soul and Ba, the bird, is the aspect of Soul which is a vehicle for the rest) you may soar forth, into the Light, knowing that,

I am a Light which
Is part of the Light of All
That is:  Merkaba!


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March 8, 1992 -- Vol XVII No. 1
In the Face of Chaos
The New Age and Personal Tragedy
for L.S.

Facing loss and hurt:
Yes, perseverance furthers;
No blame, yes, no blame.

            Mary Renault wrote a wonderful series of novels about the Hellenic Golden Age.  In one she has a student of Socrates experience the horrors of battle, and the near loss of a dear friend.  We discussed this scene at one of the all-nite Symposia held in the very early 1970's, which led to the formation of the LCC.  In the scene, the student declares, to the effect, "None of my philosophy prepared me for this."  Yet, of course, it did.

            When the ordered world of our notions, our "expectations," collapses against the surprises Chaos offers up to us, it is only philosophy, rightly understood, which permits us to create any understanding; experience any healing.

            Yes, on some soul level -- between the quantum indeterminate triggering of neural synapses, and the action of the whole universe -- choice governs all experience.  However, on the particular level of my current incarnated consciousness, I have no automatic awareness of having "created" any negative conditions I experience.  How can one just forget, for example,  the untimely loss of a spouse, child, lover, friend, parent; the long term pain of permanent injury, or the emotion agony of mental abuse or neglect or coercion?

            The Grand Lesson of New Age Philosophy is that the Universe communicates with each through the personal experience of each.  It is the experience that survives the experiencer.  Or, more or less as the departed hero says at the end of Ghost, "The wonderful part is that you take the love with you..."  After the numbness, the denial, the anger, the resignation and sadness, comes the Lesson.  You take the love with you.

            Who, then, is this "I" which experiences beyond the dead end of the grave, where all hopes are, some would think, interred?  The Existentialist taught that the only significant philosophical question was whether one should commit suicide today; Hamlet's Choice.  To the contrary, the New Age, and esoteric beliefs for millennia, teach that there is no today, and no past or future either.  There is Self, and It is always in the forever.  The Grand Choice of New Age Philosophy is to Choose To Be.

The Buddha in me
Says "all things are lost"; Goddess
Laughs, "all time is one".

             It is precisely the tension between the little I of this incarnation and the greater, angelic I of eternity which permits the experience of loss, and the experience of transcending loss.  But to the little I, there is no horizon beyond the now.  How can this I be opened to see the Universe, to experience Its true nature?

            This is the question of the Techniques of Illumination.  How does the spiritual athlete poll-vault over ego, and its losses, into the eternal I?  By being aware, by being here now, and knowing that now is not.  By practicing whatever disciplines are available to you.  Choose to be.

Forming formless void,
Stepping through shadow, one a-
Lights and is Godness.

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November 16, 1991 - Vol. XVI No. 4
Fire and Ice
"Some say the world will end in fire,/Some say in ice."  Robert Frost


            It is an odd Planet that we've manifested to experience.  Imagine, as you indeed have, that the Earth evolved from the interstellar dust from which it is made, into its present state from a billion year molten period.  The fires of those days still linger in the depths of the world.  They are manifest through vast tectonic movement, the making and fracturing of Pangia, the Sole Continent, which breaks apart and reforms every four hundred million years or so, through the eons long processes that build mountains, and through the shorter term processes of volcanism.  While the fires of tectonic displacement will eventually grind under much of the very surface of the planet, it is the brief episodes of volcanic explosion which interest us here.

            There are, from this perspective, two great divisions of volcanos.  First, your average, every-day blaster, some smaller, like Mount St Helen, some larger, like Krakatoa.  Then there are the Grand Cauldera.  Huge volcanos, with active lakes of lava.  Mona Loa in Hawaii is the primary (and substantially only) Cauldera active today.  Mona Loa is also unusual in that it is nearly always active, as it rides on an unusual "hot spot" under the earth's surface.  The other dozen or two Cauldera slumber quietly around the world.  Most of the time.

            While most active volcanos erupt every few decades or centuries, the Grand Cauldera seem to lie inactive most of the time, exploding, catastrophically, every half million years or so.  The Thing that concerns us most sleeps beneath Mammoth Lake in California.  "Pray it remains sleeping..."  No, not Cthulu, just an impending disaster of continental proportions.  While Mount St. Helen spat a quarter cubic mile of ash into the air, and Krakatoa blasted about forty times that amount (creating the Year without a Summer in north Europe...), when the Cauldera at Mammoth Lake last exploded, about 700,000 years ago, it smothered North America -- all of it-- under feet of ash, 700 cubic miles of it, 2,800 times as great as Mount St Helen's explosion.

            Yes, the Mammoth behemoth has become active again in recent years.  The magma beneath the surface is rising at an increasing rate, some say, like an express elevator, and could burst through any time during the next century.  When it does, it will mean the end of Civilization, as we know it (hmm...).  It would not be pleasant.  So much for fire.


            While it is the deep rumblings of the Earth Mother, the Heat in Her Heart, which gives rise to tectonic movements and volcanic eruptions, it is the swirling movements of the Sky Father (engendered by Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Space) which gives rise to both the long and short cycles of the Weather.

            Volcanism and Weather.  The twins of Terra's Holy Family.  Together, the causes of terrestrial change.  And the grandest Child of the Weather is that repeated Cycle of the Glaciers; one mood of Gaia's icy embrace.  Thus it is in the Realm of Myth.

            In the Realm of Science, similarly, the practicers tell us stories to help explain the world.  The story about the Glaciers, the Mile High walls of ice which, over and over, devastate the northern hemisphere, did not, however, make much sense.  How could slight diminutions in the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth's surface fuel the cycle?  Over the past few million years (and apparently at longer intervals before) 90,000 year eras of glaciation have alternated with 10,000 to 15,000 year warm periods.  We are, as is well known, over 10,000 years into a warm cycle.

            The Theory of the Differential Greenhouse Effect helps explain the Ice Ages.  After about 10 millennia of lavish growth, the world's plant life has begun to demineralize the soils, and the forests begin to diminish.  Less carbon is removed from the atmosphere, and the Greenhouse Warming ensues.  But this warming heats the tropics more than the poles, literally providing the energy needed to drive water through the atmosphere from the tropics to the poles, where it can accumulate as the Ice.  The glaciers grind the rocks they grow across into a fine dust, which, blowing, remineralizes the soils, enhancing plant growth and reversing the Greenhouse Effect, thus completing the cycle and ending the Ice Age.

            There is real evidence that our tampering with the planet has greatly accelerated this process, that the Ice Age is nearly upon us (independent evidence, in the form of ocean core samples, suggest that Ice Age conditions can prevail in as little as 50 years).  By some estimates, an accelerated 20 year transition to an Ice Age has begun and this Millennium will end with hundreds of millions fleeing the encroaching Ice.

      "...that for destruction ice...would suffice."      Robert Frost 


                        Spiritual Fire and Ice are the two primal forces that formed the multiverse in Teutonic Mythology.  Where they combine, into the matter & energy of the real world, they manifest Middle Earth, our world of form.  Since the Harmonies Converged, synchronicities abound.  As we are lucky, the Volcano will blast back the Ice; the ash and water will mix and enrich the Earth, heralding a new Golden Era.  Sunset fade to white.

Updates:  LifeSpirit Solar Storms Page
Solar System Changes lead to Earth Changes...

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November 16, 1990 - Vol. XV No. 4
Psychic Patterns and Manifestation

            A prime New Age proposition is that we continually create our own future experiences by our present psychic patterns.  It is not our purpose here to prove this proposition (see prior Essays in this series for the theoretical basis for this meta-quanta-physical claim), rather we choose to discuss Techniques to Break Patterns, practical techniques to break negative patterns, which can benefit the practitioner without regard to theoretical underpinnings.

           Chris Griscom (Light Institute of Galisteo) says some patterns are so hidden that you need to be opened to them.  She does this by stimulating certain acupuncture points (including those known as The Windows to the Sky).  Once recognized and "felt", a pattern is often released.  John Ray's Body Electronics similarly uses group acupressure point holding sessions to release past life/lives trauma stored in the body.  Release is often experienced as past life memories.  (a Circle of Communicants, in the First Congregation, is meeting regularly on Saturdays to work with this and other techniques; please let us know if you are interested).

           Lazaris also recognizes such patterns.  He has special meditations which take the Seeker on a trip back through time to "cure" the ills which implanted the patterns, and then to bring the Seeker forward to the present, to create a new future.

           The Kahuna, the Hawaiian Keepers of the Secrets, held that subconscious guilt complexes limited the power of the subconscious (the Unihipili, the Little Seed) to transmit psychic energy along the Aka Cords to the Higher Self, the God Self (the Aumakua), so that it can manifest desired futures for the Uhane, the conscious self.  Cleansing self-forgiving rituals (Ho'Oponopono) were used to release these unrealized patterns to allow the Aumakua to recreate the future!

           Less esoteric cures also abound.  According to practitioners of Network Chiropractic memories and patterns are stored in the melingeal tissue located along the spine.  By gently pressing specific points there, tension on the sheath is released, along with old memory patterns.  The body readjusts its perspective and healing ensues.

           For those of us whose beliefs extend to the interdimensional, Light Speed Extraterrestrial Earth Mission in Sedona has two audio tape sets.  One, called Shattering Illusions claims to set you free from dysfunctional pictures of reality.  Another, Cellular Release of Repressed Karma claims to help you release the energies that have crystalized within you.

                     It may be said that Western Philosophy starts with the injunction, Know ThySelf (or as Dick Sutphen says, Wisdom releases Karma).  It is precisely the Hidden Patterns (Reich's body armor) within Self that must be made known & released to transcend the limits of our experiences.

You are God/dess in
Your full being - Master!
There is no Other.

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