This copy of the Declaration is provided by LifeSpirit Center,
a Founding Associate of the Holistic Awareness Network.

LifeSpirit Center,

The Holistic Awareness Declaration
and Private Association Agreement
To Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Status

The subscribers do each hereby associate together, establishing a Private Association to Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Status with all others who enter into this Declaration. The Holistic Awareness Network of the Americas, Inc. (HANA) is the organizing agency of this Declaration.

The main objective of the Association is to regain, maintain and improve the health and vitality of its members. The Association believes that the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America (and similar provisions of state, foreign and international law) guarantees the members the rights of Free Speech, Religious Exercise, Petition, Assembly, and the right to gather together, in person and across the Internet, for the lawful purpose of advising and helping one another in achieving its main objective.

The members of the Association declare the basic right of all members, and of each member, to select, from time to time, counselors and agents from its membership who could be expected to give the wisest counsel and advice concerning the need for physical, bioenergetic and nutritional assistance, and to select from its membership those members who are the most skilled to inform, assist and facilitate the actual performance and delivery of such assistance. The members of the Association proclaim the freedom to choose and perform for the members the types of nutritional and energetic modalities that we think best for evaluating our nutritional status and nourishing the normal form and function of the members' minds, bodies, spirits, and for achieving and maintaining optimal wellness.

The members of the Association proclaim and reserve the right to include all health options that include, but are not limited to, alternative, investigational and experimental modalities, practiced and used by any types of healers or practitioners the world over, whether traditional or non-traditional, conventional or unconventional.

The members of the Association recognize any person (irrespective of race, color or national origin) who is in accordance with these principles or policies as a member, and will provide a medium through which the individual member may associate for actuating the main objective and purposes thereof. Each member of the Association hereby privately licenses each member who shall provide any service to the member and does hereby indemnify and hold such member harmless from all claims arising from such service. The members of the Association reserve the right to privately contract among themselves for such services as may be agreeable to each of them. The HANA Board, as agents of the Association, may certify, from among the membership, the member(s) who may perform assistance in educating and administering physical, bioenergetic and nutritional assistance to fellow members in accordance with the Purposes of the Association and to contract with them for such purposes. They will not contract for anything that would constitute a clear and present danger of substantive evil. Always, the Great Injunction, "Do No Harm," shall be the guide of all we do.

ã 1998
All rights reserved, UCC 1-207.

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