"All Circles are One Circle

At the LifeSpirit Center parsonage in peaceful, rural Sussex County, NJ -- with the help of our Friends -- we have established a New Age Medicine Wheel on the site of a perceived Energy Vortex, at LifeSpirit Grove, our Natural Sanctuary.

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Looking Toward the Dragonhead
The Dragon's Head

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LifeSpirit Center
Hill, cave, parsonage;
Grove, Circle, water below -
East facing Feng Shui.


We believe we were led to the LifeSpirit Parsonage site, some sixty miles from Manhattan. The three acre parcel of land is part of the Kittatinny Mountains' forested foothills, elevation 850', at the headwaters of the Paulinskill River. It is surrounded by large wooded lots and is across the road from protected wild lands.

The parsonage is set to the back of the property, leaving a forest-surrounded open Grove lower down, closer to the road. There is a curious formation of trees there, marking a circular area, toward which the closest trees seem to be rotating. The twisting effect is quite noticeable, with trees snaking widdershins around the area. Several healers and psychics felt the Spiritual Energy Vortex there and when we found nearly a hundred cut stone blocks stacked nearby in the woods, it seemed natural to build a Medicine Wheel and altars there.


With the help of Hannalore Christensen, a renowned spiritual healer with European and Native American roots, the stone blocks, crystals and other stones, many chimes and lanterns all migrated to the vortex area. In numbers manifesting Sacred Ratios, the stones formed a circle marking the compass points. When Hannalore energized the Circle, on September 21, 1997, Sacred Sage was burned and sparks literally flew as great crystals were clashed, charging the vortex and opening it for our use.

It was also only natural, when we found the Dragon's Head rock in the woods, that it migrated to transform the Wheel into a Great Crystal Dragon, linking the native traditions of Turtle Island with the megalithic dragon powers of ancient Atlantis. The Circle is also an on-going prayer in stone, Circle Prayer.  In addition, we have established a Fire Circle near the Dragon and other places for meditation and devotion, including a Memorial Circle.  See the photo Link.


Today the Grove and Circles are a place of peace and empowerment, where the Ancient Runes (see newagerunes.html), meditation and Church Ritual (see, lightform.html and Clearing.html) meet our dog, many cats, wild turkeys, deer and bears...  We continually give thanks to the Devas for their participation.

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As the Shaman's Song says,

"Space Time Dragon,
Great Crystal Dragon --
Make your God Self
Forge your Reality..."


     Dragon Cave
  Above the Circle

Far-Gate Dimensional Altar

Some Events in the Grove & at the Circle


Above the Water,
Beyond the vortex Circle
To the Dragon Cave.

 For updated Event information,
 Peace Prayers & Events

 2004 - Noon Prayer Circles

 May 8th  Medicine Wheel Prayer Circle
    See Photo Below
 June 8th  Venus Solar Transit
 July 25th
The Day Out of Time


 Mars Close Encounter Peace Ritual - 08/28/03
 Harmonic Concordance - 11/08/03

 1998 - 2002

 Light Circle Rituals (Solstices & Equinoxes)


 Dedication of the Dragon Circle - 09/21/97

Some further happenings
at the Circle, see:
LifeSpirit Close Encounters Blog


Peace Altar


Crystal Rainbow 

A Crystal Rainbow at the Circle
2000 - Nadine

More Dragon Circle photos, dragonphotos.html



Each "corner" of the Circle (hmm... squaring the circle) has a Word of Prayer associated with it, such that the Prayer Wheel prays the words as the Universe turns the Earth that turns the Circle.

The Words are:

Center, below: Protection
South: Abundance
SW: Manifestation
West: Love
NW: Compassion
North: Healing
NE: Wisdom
East: Illumination
SE: Joy
Center: Peace
Center, above: Ascension

So be it -- and it is so.


July 2004


Dragon Circle Prepared for May 8, 2004 Medicine Wheel


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