Rev. Ralph Fucetola III, JD --



B.A. with Distinction, Rutgers University, 1967
Juris Doctor (Doctorate in Law) Rutgers Law School, 1971


Admitted to the NJ & Federal Bar, 1971
Admitted Pro Hac Vice: NY, CT
Ordained Minister, LifeSpirit Church, 1974
District of Columbia Superior Court Ministerial Certificate of Authority, 1981
Holo-Linguistic Institute (Toronto) Bioenergetics Certification, 1992
Five Elements Center (Mt. Lakes, NJ) Homeopathic Certifications, 1993


Resident of Sussex County, NJ
Married to Kathy Greene Fucetola
Father of Drew Adriel Greene Fucetola


Co-Founder, LifeSpirit Congregational Church, 1974
Citation of Merit, National Health Federation, 1979
Landmark Decisions in the 1995 NJ DHEA Cases
Landmark Resolution in the 1997 NJ Nutritionists Case
Trustee for Sharry Edwards' Sound Health Research Institute,
Advisor to Dr. Heriberto Gonzalez, Medica Natur
Advisor to Rev. Dr. Robert Sorge, Abundalife Center
Advisor to Rev. Starr Fuentes, Divine Intervention Congregations
Trustee, Institute for Health Research,
Founder of The Vitamin Lawyer web sites,

Articles: Current Bulletin, Bulletin Archives

Bioenergetic Nutrition, bionutrit.htm

The Practice of Alternatives is not the Practice of Medicine, rfaltheal.htm

The Ministry and Alternative Practices, a Personal Perspective, minlaw.htm

Homilies for the New Age, 1995 - 2001


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