LifeSpirit Center Close Encounters Journal - Appendix

Miracles, Magic & Engineering - Angelic Visitation Revisited

Dear Dan,

The bald facts are: on November 27, 2000, Kathy and I experienced what we thought was an angelic visitor. The cloud cover parted, revealing the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter with the Seven Sisters, and we saw pulsing blue light dancing against the parsonage chimney (reported at the LifeSpirit Close Encounters Journal web site,  Also through the LifeSpirit Center mainpage,

About one year later, before Thanksgiving, you all were in the hot tub when you also saw light against the chimney. I was called out and Jeff was on the roof, saying he could see light from a distant house through a low spot between two hills. You wanted to know what I thought of that and I told you I wanted to think about it.

My first thought was that the two experiences were not the same. There was no cosmic display the second time and, to me, the lights were not the same. The second light was further to the right and static. While these differences are significant, the issues here are more about belief than fact.

If one were a believer in the dichotomy of Good and Evil, one might say that the devil undermines faith with facts. From a different perspective, "When magic works, it is indistinguishable from natural law." If we look closely at any unusual phenomenon (miracle, synchronicity, spontaneous remission, etc.), we will eventually see natural law at work. That's because this is a "universe" in which we live, and not primal chaos.

The central mystery here is meaning. What we experienced had, at that time, deep meaning to Kathy and me. What you need consider is, in a Universe where "non-locality" is a fact of reality (where information transfer can exceed lightspeed and go any-which-way in time...) is the meaning connection more essential than the causal connection? Carl Jung, for one, explicitly taught that it was, that, in essence the Universe is governed by meaning.

That leads me to conclude that what happened on those two November nights a year apart teaches us that we must choose what we believe (what meaning we find). One can choose to believe, with the exoteric Newton of the engineering schools, that the Laws of Motion and Causality rule, or one can choose to believe, with the esoteric Newton (who wrote more on alchemy than motion and who was an initiate of occult lodges) that consciousness is primary.

In the first instance, you will receive the very best "cause and effect" university education this society can offer, and you will become a competent engineer. In the second, I believe, you will view reality as rather more malleable by consciousness and -- with the same education -- in a half century stand before an audience of Nobel laureates and dignitaries, explaining the link between nanotech and consciousness that has so changed the world in the coming decades...

Now that will be a miracle. And when it happens it will appear to have been inevitable.  That's called "synchronicity."

So what did we experience on those two November nights? And what does it mean?


Cc: Jeff, Drew, Kathy

Further Update, Cloud Angel - May 2, 2003

On Synchronicity, see: Comments.htm#Synchron


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