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Arlene Hertz

In Memoriam

1926 - 2016

Mazel Tov: Andy Kirshner

On Sep. 22, 2016, Andy Kirshner's film "Liberty's Secret" had its premier in Ann Arbor. Over 1,000 people attended the gala, including several Lifchitz family members.

Andy Kirshner & film stars

Glamorous Andy and Stephanie

Vicki Goldwyn, at the premier.

John, Vicki, and  their son David Goldwyn were excited to attend the premier of Andy Kirshner's new film, Liberty's Secret.

Over 1,000 people attended the Ann Arbor gala in September. Other cousins who attended included Lorien Benet and Chris Hart and kids - Abigail and Jonah, Joy and Jonathan Davidson, and  their daughter Danielle


The Lifchitz Family Fund News


2015 Recipients of Lifchitz Fund Grants

Thanks to all who voted for this year's Lifchitz family fund nominees.

Provides personalized tutoring for low-income middle and high school students to help them improve their academic performance, increase their confidence and self-efficacy, and increase their desire to become lifelong learners. http://www.tutorpedia.com/

L.A. Family Housing
Helps families move out of homelessness and poverty through a variety of housing options and supportive services. http://www.lafh.org/

Uri L'tzedek
An Orthodox social justice organization guided by Torah values and dedicated to combating suffering and oppression. It does this through community based education, leadership development programs, and action-oriented projects that support social and economic justice for those who need assistance. http://utzedek.org/

NOTE: the links for each winner provide a short summary of the organization, its key programs, budget, percent going to administrative costs, and awards.

To donate to our Family Fund:

Go to the San Diego Jewish Foundation website. It tells you how to pay by check, and by credit card. Follow directions for making a gift by check, or by credit card. NOTE: if you use a credit card, fill in the blank fields on the website. When you get to "Designation of funds" scroll down to “other” and click on it (it's at the bottom of the list). Then type in "Lifchitz Family Fund" in the "Other" space that appears.

For more information … Contact anyone on the Fund’s Board:

Nina Bruder (ninabruder@gmail.com)
Fred Lifsitz(fredliffy@gmail.com)
Becca Linden (beccalinden@gmail.com)
Josh Linden (josh.linden@gmail.com)
Russ Linden (russlinden@earthlink.net)
Stephanie Rowden (srowden@umich.edu)
Tzvi Sendler (sendler@sbcglobal.net)

2016 Cousins Weekends in Ann Arbor

On Sep. 26, 17 cousins got together in Ann Arbor for food, fun and football. The team was great, and we really enjoyed getting together. The cousins included:
Lorien Bennet, Chris Hart and their kids Abigail and Jonah; Vicki and John Goldwyn; Gail Lindenberg, Dinah Lindenberg and Hans Pandora, Terri Lindenberg and Darin Sullivan and their kids Adam and Samantha; Marshall, Janey and Barb Cossman; and Russ Linden.

Cousins enjoying food from the famous Zingerman's deli

Having dinner after a great Michigan victory!

Barb Cossman, Abigail & Jonah Hart, Chris and Lorien Hart, Marshall and Janie Cossman

More Ann Arbor Connections: On Sep. 30-Oct. 1, Russ Linden went to Ann Arbor with his and Jackie's son Josh, and Josh's partner, Jillian. Another great Michigan football game, more food from Zingerman's deli, and (best of all) more time with cousins. Here they are with Stephanie Rowden and Andy Kirshner.

Jillian, Josh, Stephanie, Andy and Russ


8th Lifchitz Family Reunion: 2015

On June 26-28, 2015 over 85 family members gathered in Ann Arbor to celebrate the 102nd year since our ancestors came to America. We had a great time; many said it was our best ever. Cousins came from the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West Coast, Canada and Switzerland. photos

Some highlights: (full info)
  • “Speed meeting” exercises. We had opportunities to spend time with cousins we didn’t know (or know well). With over 275 members of our far-flung clan, we need gatherings like this to meet, connect and re-connect with one another.

  • We watched a trailer and a scene from a movie that Andy Kirshner is producing and directing: “Liberty’s Secret” (to watch the trailer and learn about the film: http://www.isawthekiss.com)

  • Jack Adolph read a beautiful letter written by Bob Rosenzweig about what he learned from “Lifchitz University.” That led to a discussion of …

  • Our ancestor’s remarkable journey from Bobroisk, Russia, to Detroit. And we had a discussion of our family’s “story” – the narrative of our ancestors’ and our lives.

  • A great brunch hosted by Vicki and John Goldwyn at their beautiful home in Brighton, MI.

And here are some photos from the 2011 Family Reunion These photos capture some of the energy at this wonderful gathering in Chicago.

Wendy Rowden: 2016 Woman of the Year!
New York Women Executives in Real Estate honored Wendy at a gala in New York in Nov 2016. read all about it

Stephanie, Emily Carton, Wendy, Pam Hysinger and Gena Twomey

Andy Kirshner, Eric Lundblade, John Carton, Wendy, Sam Carton and Erik Hysinger

Lauries' blogs from Israel

Laurie's Family


from left: Hagai, Gal, Shaili, Yochi, Yoni, Avishai, Leibat

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