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Lifchitz Family Newsletter
Oct. 2009

Mazal Tov!

  • To Becca Linden, on her engagement to Ari Hart. (see Russ Linden/Jackie Lichtman, below)
  • To Avishai Shimshon Rappeport (son of Laurie Sendler-Rappeport) and Leibat Dahan, who were married this summer in Israel (see Laurie Rappeport, below)
  • To Morgan Hertz, on her graduation from Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor. Morgan is now a freshman at Eastern Michigan U, in the dance program, and was the only freshman accepted into 4 of the 6 student dances being performed by the dance department this fall.
  • To Chumi, Sue Sendler’s daughter, and her husband Chaim Friedman, on the birth of their son Shimshon.


Phil Hertz, who recently had a pacemaker inserted.
Gail Lindenberg, who’s recovering from cataract surgery.
Ben Adolph, who had a gall bladder removed. 
Andy Kirshner (Stephanie Rowden’s husband), recovering from back ailments

Mini-Reunion in Ann Arbor:

About 20 cousins came to Ann Arbor on Sep. 25-26 to be together, eat, catch up with each other, and root for Michigan’s football team (actually, one of the cousins is a Mich. State alumna, but she was gracious enough to come to the game and was occasionally seen cheering a bit!). John and Vicki Goldwyn had us over to their beautiful house (and new heated pool house) for great food and schmoozing.

Those who came included: The Goldwyns, including their daughter Sam, Reva Ratner, Reva Krause, Missi Small, Michael and Karen Hertz and Michael’s mom Arlene, Gail Lindenberg and her daughters Dina and Terri, and their spouses Hans and Darin, Judy and Danny Malamud, Stephanie Rowden, Jonathan and Joy Davidson, and Russ and Josh Linden. A special treat was the inclusion of Marshall and Janie Cossman, who are “distant cousins” and have kept in touch for many years.

Thanks to Dina Lindenberg’s fine touch with her camera, you can view photos of the weekend on our family website (as well a pictures of recent weddings and of some of our beautiful and very young cousins): 

New Family Philanthropy About to Launch:

In the coming months we’ll be formally announcing the start of the Lifchitz Family Philanthropy. The goals of this new fund include:

  1. Giving our far-flung cousins a common project to help tie us together,
  2. Honoring our ancestors values of education, Israel, and social justice,
  3. Engaging family members of all ages in shared acts of tzedakah, with a special focus on empowering younger cousins.

And it’s important to note that the concept for this family fund was developed by Becca Linden, with considerable help from Seth and Josh Linden. The 20- and 30-somethings are taking over, which is wonderful!

While details are still being developed, the concept is to identify a few causes that our fund will contribute to each year (family members will help choose the causes), and invite our cousins to send donations to our fund. We’ll contribute the donations received to the causes we support, once a year.

Our funds will be invested with the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego. The Foundation is a 501 (C) (3), so all donations are tax deductible. Cousin Andy Ratner, who has served on the Foundation’s Board, will help oversee the Foundation’s management of our funds.

Any  cousins would like to get involved, or offer their input are encouraged to do so. Please contact any member of our board:

Bebe Adolph,
Nina Bruder,
Vicky and John Goldwyn,   
Becca Linden,
Josh Linden,
Russ Linden,
Seth Linden,
David Rosenzweig,

Bob Rosenzweig and Rick Lifsitz are also providing informal advice.

News from our cousins:

Bebe Adolph: I am being sent to the republic of Georgia for two weeks to work with refugees, forming a corps of people to learn some methods and techniques of social work so that these folks will be able to teach social work to others. I will be in GORI which is about 100 km from Tbilisi and was the centre of the Russian invasion last summer --as well as the birthplace Stalin. I am sponsored by the Canadian govt which is funding the project jointly with CESO  (Canadian Executive Services Overseas) where I do volunteer work in the aboriginal unit.

Liz Hertz and Matt: I'm finishing my last class for my Master's in Counseling Psychology program in August (’09) and will be starting my clinical hours in September.  Matt is transferring to a 4-year college where he'll start as a sophomore at the end of August (St. Mary's College in Moraga, Calif.  Go Gaels!).   Please note my new email address effective July 26:

Joy and Jonathan Davidson: Its been a busy summer for the Jonathan Davidson family. We spent the summer helping the 4-H rabbit project during fair.  Then August 10 Jonathan took Joy and Danielle to Israel for Laurie Rappeport's son’s wedding.  We spent about 8 days seeing the sights of Jerusalem and the old city. We also took tours to Masada, where Jonathan took the Israeli Army oath in 1973, to Ceasarea, Akko, and the sea caves at the the Lebanese boarder.  Then up to Tzfat for 5 days  It was Joy and Danielle's first visit to Israel . We had wonderful time.

Joy will be subbing again this year. Jonathan still enjoying retirement. Danielle will be attending Columbia College in downtown Chicago. Brittany is in her final weeks of Beauty School an hopefully will be employed soon. She is still living in Chicago.

Vicki and John Goldwyn: The biggest news is that John has retired from his Chicago public school teaching and development position.  Now John is embarking on a new career:  an author of Historical Fiction.  VERY EXCITING and TERRIFYING!!  We will be traveling to England's Isle of Wight this October for research. In January we will be in East Africa and then in April we are going to tour the ancient sites of Japan, where we will undoubtedly run in to a few modern sites also.

Vicki and John are happy to be living fulltime in Brighton, Michigan except to host our Pesach seder which will continue to be celebrated in Chicago.  
Fred Lifsitz and family: YoonSun, (Fred’s wife), has started working again after 10 years dedicated to the kids. She is Director of Educational outreach and development at the Korean Cultural Center in San Francisco. She has an office (with a window!) in a gorgeous victorian building in the city. She is also teaching a special Creative Music and movement class at the Montessori Children's center in San Francisco.

Fred's group, the Alexander Quartet, just released the latest complete recordings of the Beethoven Quartets. It's on Foghorn records.... Itunes etc.

Fred has been very involved with Adath Israel. (The shul is very close to the house). It's  a terrific community with quite a cast of characters. If you are in San Fran. and want to experience a great modern orthodox service let Fred know.

Sasha is in the 5th grade at the Brandeis Hillel school and playing on a highly competitive Soccer team this year. He lives for sports.

Amelia is in her last year of Pre school and is one fine little athlete herself. She is excelling at Swimming these days. She is also an avid bike rider and goes out daily with her dad for "tour de San Francisco" stints.

Jim Linden: Our son Ari received his MA degree from Cornell this summer after passing his qualifying exams...he's now "ABD" and will be living in Berlin this year working on his dissertation in the field of German studies. Nancy and  I will take a big trip to China this fall! We’re excited about it .

Seth Linden:  Here's some new info on my company, Tutorpedia (we tutor kids) ...

- Read  for latest musings on education and college admissions
- We're incorporating a non-profit arm of Tutorpedia to raise money for free tutoring to low-income students
- We're starting small-group, project-based workshops based around student interests, in addition to our academic and test-prep tutoring
- We're creating a Tutorpedia Commons... free, open-source curriculum, to download, share, remix among students, tutors, teachers, schools, anyone with an interest in education
- See our attached Tao of Tutorpedia and new offerings!

Note: Seth’s company now has 50 tutors helping high school kids in the San Francisco Bay area.

Russ Linden, Jackie Lichtman: Becca’s working for Encounter, a nonprofit in Jerusalem that provides tours of the West Bank to Jews from North America; the tours include time spent talking with Palestinian, so that Jews can get a broader perspective of the conflict than is usually reported in the U.S. Becca’s big news, of course, is her engagement to Ari Hart. Ari’s a rabbinical student who also helps lead a nonprofit that works on social justice issues. They’ll be married this January. We’re really excited for them.

Our son Josh graduated from college last year, then had an internship with The American Prospect, a good journal in Washington DC. He also got a certificate in leading nonprofits that work in the international arena. He and Becca are on the board of our new family philanthropy.

Dina Lindenberg and Hans Pandora (professional couch potatoes)

Dina, one of our family’s true wits, reports the following:

Hans and DIna have been extremely busy preparing for the new fall TV season.  It has been quite stressful time, weighing what shows to add to their jam-packed TV schedule.  They both agree that Modern Family is the best show of the new season and is quite DVR worthy (set your season pass so you don't miss an episode).  Other shows that may make the cut include Glee and Community but a final verdict has yet to be determined.  NCIS Los Angeles as well as the new Melrose Place are not worthy of adding to the schedule.  They both are excited about the returning shows of 30 Rock and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and are also fans of Monk and Psych, which are in mid-season right now.  TV has also divided the household - Top reality shows for Dina include Top Chef and Project Runway, but Hans actually has to leave the room when Dina views those shows.   

Judie and Danny Malamud: They recently took a wonderful trip to China.

Randy Malamud: Ben is practicing for his Bar Mitzvah, which will take place on Feb 6 2010.  He's very excited that his parshat is Yitro (THE TEN COMMANDMENTS!) . . . .

Jake is a junior in high school, learning to drive, looking at colleges. . . .

Randy’s wife Nina was officially made partner in her law firm, Brock & Clay, where she specializes in education law.

They had an amazing trip “down under” this summer: Sydney, Wellington NZ, and Fiji. . “.. . took us weeks to recover, but it was a blast.” 

Reva Ratner: Reva returned to Flint, her long-time home after living for a few years in Denver. She’s delighted to be back with friends. Her home tel: 810. 820 8834. Cell  (810)  287-5145.

Laurie Sendler: On August 19th, Avishai Shimshon Rappeport (son of Lifshitz Laurie Sendler-Rappeport) married Leibat Dahan in an outdoor wedding in the North of Israel.  Both families are from Tzfat.

Representing the overseas family were Sue Sendler, and Tzvi (Edward) Sendler.  Dov, Michal, Shimshon and Aryeh Leib Sendler (Laurie's brother, sister-in-law and sons) from Jerusalem, Nechama, Chaim Yitzhak and Shimshon Friedman (Laurie's niece, daughter of brother Binyomin, with her husband and baby), Becca Linden, and cousins Jonathan, Joy and Brittney Davidson.

After the wedding, the family stayed on and celebrated Shabbat with other cousins who had arrived (including one from New Zealand from Laurie's maternal side who had just discovered his lineage a year ago.....something for anyone who is thinking of helping family genealogist Jonathan Davidson think about -- it's worth it!) and the new outlaws, the Dahans.  The couple themselves skipped off for a week to Rhodes.

Glenn and Cheryl Weiss: Arielle started high school, is on the jr. varsity POM -they get to watch her cheer and dance at football games. Son Danny began studying at Pizer College, part of Claremont College near LA. He's one of 5 trombone players in the Scripps Orchestra. He's a basketball player. Their youngest, Jake, is 3 and is "still bossing everyone around."

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