SOUNDS Magazine: August 25, 1990

(Guest previewer: The Baby Chaydis)

"Firstly, I'd like to say how rilly thrilled skinny Pappy and myself and the boys are to be coming to beautiful England and your famous old Marquee club. Grandaddy Telvis told me that all the great pop stars began their careers there; Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, and yes, dear old Lead Zeppelin. We're so looking forward for you lovely people.

"I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all the thousands -- OK, hundreds -- of Sounds readers who showered me with gifts and flowers and goodwill messages after they read in last week's issue the story of how my arm was tragically ripped off in a tussle with several hundred Molson-frenzied Canadians. I thank you for your great compassion and affection. Grandaddy Telvis told me that Pappy hasn't wept so much since, well, since his good friend and top innertainer Elvis Presley passed away.

"I'd also like to dispel those rumours concerning Mr. Put-Mon and alleged child cruelty. 'Putty', as I like to call him, has never once raised a hand in anger at me. He's the kindest, sweetest thing, and I thank him for giving me my first big break in the innertainment business by choosing me to be the counterbalance for his bass guitar.

"And remember -- Dread Zeppelin loves you. See yer dahn the front."

Dread Zeppelin With The Baby Chaydis

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