RIFF RAFF Magazine: August, 1990
By Marc Liddell

A Led Zep covers album? Hmmm... but there's a little bit more to it than that. 'Un-Led-Ed' is a bizarre collision of Led Zep, Elvis Presley and Reggae! Robert Plant, no less, has given his seal of approval.

Fresh Cheese & CheeseThe Dread line-up consists of vocalist Tortelvis, guitarists Jah Paul Jo and Carl Jah, drummer Fresh Cheese, percussionist Ed Zeppelin and bassist Puttman!

The intro to the LP is a weird collage of sounds and musical spoofs, most notably 'The Twilight Zone'. Really, there's so much bubbling away here. Songs like 'Black Dog', 'Livin' Lovin' Maid' and "Whole Lotta Love', mix Elvis style vocals, Elvis imitating Robert plant, reggae talk/vocals and so on, it goes at this dizzying pace.

Highlights? That's a difficult one, it partly depends on what's your favorite Led Zep song and partly on how they cover the individual songs. However on that basis, I'll plump for 'I Can't Quit You Babe'.

Lyrically the record is an affectionate piss-take and there's moments of great humour. 'Black Mountain Side' sends up the mystical side of Zep and parodies an old Indian mystic. "I see Elvis as maybe a PROPHET of some kind. He come down from de mountain...he meet his friend Led Zeppelin and they make music together..." Whilst 'Moby Dick' is chaotic and dig! "Moby Dick's semen combindingly possessed by all the angels of filth from heaven...ha!" Sublime and subtle, I'm sure...and totally harmless!

However, the Dreads aren't mere cabaret, they can play a bit too. Jimmy Page guitar, reggae rhythms...NAE PROBLEM!

Catch them on tour, in the UK at the end of August. It should be DREAD GOOD!

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