Whole Lotta Dread

You say you want MORE DREAD?!? Okay!


Birdcage Records - Dread Zeppelin's original label, run by Jah Paul Jo. This is where you can order "No Quarter Pounder", "Hot & Spicy Beanburger", "The First No-Elvis", the new double live CD "The Song Remains Insane", plus videos and t-shirts. Fast and friendly service!

The Planet Dread - The Ultimate Plan! Jah Paul Jo's oustanding tribute to the original band, 1989-1994. You'll love his "Everything That You Wanted To Know About Dread Zeppelin" series. The best photos, all the history. Check it out!

Jeremy's Sheeley's Dread Zeppelin Home Page - Lots of photos and articles, including some great interviews with members of Dread. Sound files, too!

Jah "B. Good" Harwell's Dread Zeppelin Home Page - Proudly displaying his DZ ticket stub collection, Mr. Harwell also has audio files and some rather, uh, interesting photos! Jah-nee's a cool dude and chicks dig him.

Kerri's Entertainment Page - And Kerri's definition of "entertainment" is... Elvis! She changes her page often, so you never know what to expect. When I last checked, there was a photo of Frankenstein Elvis! (Kerri's a huge DZ fan as well, and freqently uses her page to spread the Dread gospel.)


If you have a Dread Zeppelin Web page (even if it's not very big!) and I've neglected to include you on my list, please send a note to my e-mail address below. I'd love to link to your page.

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