Dread Zeppelin's first three albums were released on IRS Records. "Un-led-Ed" and "5,000,000* *Tortelvis Fans Can't Be Wrong" can be found at your local record shop. Or, try one of the many online music stores, such as CDNow. Unfortunately, "It's Not Unusual" is no longer available.

'UN-led-ED' CD Cover
"Un-led-Ed" (©1990 IRS Records - X2 13048)

Black Dog / Heartbreaker (At The End Of Lonely Street) / Living Loving Maid / Your Time Is Gonna Come / Bring It On Home / Whole Lotta Love / Black Mountain Side / I Can't Quit You Baby / Immigrant Song / Moby Dick

'5,000,000* Tortelvis Fans Can't Be Wrong' CD Cover
"5,000,000* *Tortelvis Fans Can't Be Wrong"
(©1991 IRS Records - X2 13092)

Forgetting About Business PART I / The Song Remains The Same / Stir It Up / Do The Claw / When The Levee Breaks / Misty Mountain Hop / The Train Kept A-Rollin / Nobody's Fault But Mine / Big Ol' Gold Belt / Forgetting About Business PART II (Theme From 5,000,000*) / Stairway To Heaven

'It's Not Unusual' CD Cover
"It's Not Unusual" (©1992 IRS Records - X2 0777 7 13161 28)

Disco Inferno / You Should Be Dancing / Night Fever / Shaft / Jungle Boogie / Ramble On / More Than A Woman / Jive Talkin' / Dancing' On The Killing Floor / Takin' Care Of Business


"Hot & Spicy Beanburger", "The First No-Elvis", "No Quarter Pounder" and "The Song Remains Insane" are available from Birdcage Records. Be sure to say hi to Jah Paul Jo while you're there!

'Hot & Spicy Beanburger' CD Cover
"Hot & Spicy Beanburger" (©1993 Birdcage Records - #0056)

Good Times Bad Times / Going To California / Good Rockin' Tonight / Kashmir / Ballad Of Charlie Haj / Unchained Melody / Stairway To Heaven / Hot & Spicy Beanburger / Hot Dog / All Of My Love / Wot Happened? (The Slappy Shuffle)

'The First No-Elvis' CD Cover
"The First No-Elvis"
(©1994 Birdcage Records - WISE 0003)

The First No-Elvis / The Last Resort / Kashmir (Cash Mirage Mix) / It's Chritmastime N' I Like It / Chritmas Question N' Answer / All I Want For Chritmas Is My Two Front Teeth

'No Quarter Pounder' CD Cover
"No Quarter Pounder"
(©1995 Birdcage Records - CMBK 0068)

Un LEDDD ed (in 3D) / Ramble On / Viva Las Vegas / What Is And What Should Never Be / Li'l Baby Elvis Jackson / How Many More Times / No Quarter / The Last Resort / 1-800-PSYCHIC PAL / American Trilogy / Brick House (of the holy!) / Li'l Baby E.J. Goes To College (the "Son" sessions)

'The Song Remains Insane' CD Cover
"The Song Remains Insane"
(©1996 TWA Records - TWAD112)

(DISC 1) Black Dog / Whole Lotta Love / Heartbreaker / Do The Claw / The Song Remains The Same / Your Time Is Gonna Come / In Through The Ed Door / Stairway To Heaven (DISC 2) The 'Live On Strawberry Cheesecake' Sessions: See See Rider / Immigrant Song / Black Dog / Heartbreaker / Do The Claw / Big Ol' Gold Belt / Viva Las Vegas / Woodstock / Lookin' For Trouble / Rock 'N' Roll Medley / Plant Chat / A Quiet Moment With Tortelvis / Questions From Japan

Discography coming soon!

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