A Memoriam to 'Shados Best Shot'
Command Attention (Bee's dam)
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Command Attention (Bee's dam)
HaDar Shado (Bee's sire)
Bee's Foals..............
Bee's Foals.
Bee's best horse friend..'Penny'
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In Memoriam to "Bee"......
Bee's Memoriam at 'In-Memory-of-Pets' ID=46744

Command Attention and baby 'Bee'
Bee (foal) and her dam in Missouri taken 1985, she is 1-2 weeks old

This page will be about 'Mandy', 'Bee's' dam. She was a large 16H black leopard Appaloosa mare, a National Halter Pt. earner for two years in a row. Her sire was 'Prince Aztec' , by 'Prince Charles' by 'Prince Plaudit'. 'Mandy's' dam was a Quarter Horse mare by the name of 'Kitti Kat', by Race ROM  'Mr.Myers' by 'Go Man Go'. Lots of size, performance and color bred into 'Mandy's' lines. Her daughter, 'Bee', inherited these qualities from her and passed them on to her babies.

Prince Plaudit

Go Man Go AQHA

Here are only but four horses in 'Mandy's' fantastic pedigree. There are so many more of her great ancestors, but too little room to add them.


Red Plaudit

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