A Memoriam to 'Shados Best Shot'
Dedicated to 'Bee'........
Dedicated to 'Bee'......
"Shados Best Shot" in pictures
Command Attention (Bee's dam)
HaDar Shado (Bee's sire)
Bee's Foals..............
Bee's Foals.
Bee's best horse friend..'Penny'
Past Horse Friends
In Memoriam to "Bee"......
Bee's Memoriam at 'In-Memory-of-Pets' ID=46744

"Yes, it is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all."

Shados Best Shot (Bee) 1985-1997
Tho you are not with me, you are still here in my heart

"The Horse is God's gift to man."
                   arabian proverb

      This site is dedicated to my stallion's dam, and the love of my life- "Shados Best Shot". Bee is/was the foundation for my breeding program. I aquired her in 1985 at 3 months old, from 'Castle-Hill Appaloosas'  in Missouri. 'Castle-Hill Appaloosas' is owned and operated by Donnie and Mary Clarke, then owners of the great Appaloosa stallion 'HaDar Shado', Bee's sire. Bee's dam was the good black-leopard, National Hi Pt. mare 'Command Attention'; and she (Bee) was colored just like her mom. Bee was shown as a weanling, yearling, two year old and in aged mares. Each year, at year end, she was Hi-Pt in all the local clubs and qualified for The Worlds in halter and in color. She was a beautiful mare, in personality and conformation, as well as color. There were many times during her life, and it seemed where ever we went, people always wanted to buy her. As a yearling, when she was being shown at a TTAA show in Southern New York, a gentleman offered me a signed blank check for her; I turned down offers all the time, she was never for sale! Now, her blood lives on thru her foals; she only had four, before an untimely death took her away from me. Her son, my stallion, and her last filly are still part of my breeding program and she shines on thru them. Here is her story, in pictures and poetry (to view site-pages, click on desired button(s) on the left). No amount of words can express the loss I feel for her, but thru this site, help for healing can be found.  "I miss you Bee, I Love you still."

sister 'Shados Straw' (April) and Bee 12-85

Bee as a yearling 1986

Shados Best Shot 'Bee' 1985-1997
in a better place now

"To be loved by a horse, or by any animal, should fill us with awe, for we have not deserved it."

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A Memoriam to Shados Best Shot

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