A Memoriam to 'Shados Best Shot'
Bee's Foals.
Dedicated to 'Bee'......
"Shados Best Shot" in pictures
Command Attention (Bee's dam)
HaDar Shado (Bee's sire)
Bee's Foals..............
Bee's Foals.
Bee's best horse friend..'Penny'
Past Horse Friends
In Memoriam to "Bee"......
Bee's Memoriam at 'In-Memory-of-Pets' ID=46744

..........And her last foal, which is one of my broodmares now; 'FL-Attentivemiss'. This mare's 2002 linebred colt is pictured last on this page-  "CR-Yankee Redeemer";  he lives in North Carolina.

'FL-Attentivemiss' a few days old

'FL-Attentivemiss' now
she produces big hunter-jumper types.

"The horse will leap over trenches, will jump out of them, will do anything else, provided one grants him praise and respite after his accomplishment."

'CR -Yankee Redeemer'  is by my stallion 'Command Redeemed' out of his half sister, 'FL-Attentivemiss'  (above).  This is her first foal and we are really proud on how he turned out. He will probably throw color on any mare. He is performance bred but also has good halter conformation. He was sold to a breeder in North Carolina where he will be shown in 2004.

'CR-Yankee Redeemer' 2002 colt
by 'Command Redeemed' out of 'FL-Attentivemiss'

'Bee' lives on thru her babies.  I see her in them; her attitude, her facial expressions, her body movements and even some of her endearing habits. She is still in my heart, I'll never forget her. She passed away in September of 1997, and it's hard for me in September, I think of her a lot. I dedicate this site to her and all those whom have been lost thru that dreaded disease 'EPM'. If anyone would like to learn more about this disease, go to:   http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/drfenger/history.htm Hopefully, you won't have to go thru the horror and sadness that I and my good mare went thru.

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