A Memoriam to 'Shados Best Shot'
"Shados Best Shot" in pictures
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"Shados Best Shot" in pictures
Command Attention (Bee's dam)
HaDar Shado (Bee's sire)
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Bee's Foals.
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In Memoriam to "Bee"......
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     "A horse is the projection of people's dreams about themselves -strong, powerful, beautiful- and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence."

Shados Best Shot
At WNYAA show in 1996 New York State fairgrounds

The last show Bee was in before she passed over to the Rainbow Bridge was in 1996 at the Western New York Appaloosa Association show at the New York State Fair Grounds.  Pulled directly out of the pasture, without any fitting or work, only a quick bath, clip and  brush, she placed 2nd in her halter class for aged mares, and 1st in her color class.


The first time I met 'Bee' was through an ade
in the Sept.1985 Appaloosa News

Her picture was in that year's (Sept.1985) Appaloosa News "Foal Showcase".  When I first laid eyes on her, I knew I had to have her! She captured my heart right then and there. There was just something about her that I couldn't turn away from. After making arrangements with the Clarkes', I went to Missouri and picked her and her half sister (I bought her half sister-'Shados Straw' also) up before winter of that year. This was the beginning of my love for a great and wonderful mare; and the beginning of Whitetail-Hollow Appaloosas and Quarter Horses. She was to be my foundation broodmare (her picture is top right).  In later years her sister, 'Shados Straw' (April),  was sold to a local Appaloosa breeder.

as a yearling, she was very well put together.

Bee 1988
beginning saddle training

Bee died at the young age of 12 years old of a disease known as EPM at Cornell University Vet. Hosipital. She only produced 4 foals in her short life. Two colts and two fillys; the first one, a colt, my stallion, was by El Cruzado a QH. The next two, a colt then a filly were by ApHC Skips Streak. The last, a filly, whom I still also own, is line bred back to my stallion, her son; her sire was a black leopard Appaloosa by the name of CR-Flashlightning by my stallion, and out of a Nugget Gambler mare. The filly turned out to be as beautiful as her mother; her name is FL-Attentivemiss and is a black roan with a large white blanket. She has produced an outstanding colt in 2002 and is bred to a black QH for a 2005 foal. She is taking up where her beautiful mother left off.

Costume Class 1989
Fisher Farms open show

Shados Best Shot at WNYAA
Bee and my friend, Lisa, at her last show in 1996

Bee, April (her sister) and Misty
first BIG snow storm. Dec.1985

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