Lemp Breweriana
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Paper Lithos
Pre-Prohibition lithographs are highly sought after today for all the same reasons as tin signs and chargers with one additional reason - they are difficult to find in excellent condition.  A metal sign has a better chance of surviving the decades due to its stout construction.  However, paper lithographs (especially calendars) were not created to withstand the ravages of time.  Consequently, if located today, many lithographs evidence fading, stains, rips, and other problems - all of which usually don't effect a tin sign to the same degree.
Below are a few examples of fine Lemp lithographs that have survived the trash can over 100 years ago and thankfully were well preserved through the years for our enjoyment today.  

"The Home of Falstaff" paper lithograph, approx. 26" x 32", c1900.

Another multi-colored paper lithographed calendar, approx. 28" x 34", dated 1896.

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Uncle Sam is featured in this paper lithograph (probably a calendar), approx. 26" x 32", dated 1899.

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Matted and framed lithograph for Lemp Extra Pale, 16" x 20", dated 1906.

Paper lithograph calendar with "Gemutlichkeit" character, 26" x 32", dated 1890.

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"New Years Greeting" paper lithograph, approx. 28" x 34", dated 1897.

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"Wm. J. Lemp's Buck Beer" lithograph, approx. 24" x 30", c1890.

Framed lithograph for Extra Pale Beer, 23" x 27", dated 1906.

Close-up of ornately framed litho for Lemp's Buck Beer, 13" x 14", c1895.

Spectacular factory scene paper lithograph, approx. 36" x 22", c1900.