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October 1 & 2, 2005

Fort Whaley Campground

Whaleyville, Md


MC - Bob Ross

Arena Director - John "Laughing Wolf" Moore

Lead Male - John "Thunderfoot" Moore,III

Lead Male - Treajen "Walking Horse" Moore

Lead Female - Brittany "Dancing Firefly" Powell

Host Drum - Mother Earth Beat

Guest Drum - Moore Wakamak Suan Drum (still not sure of the spellin)

(John and Treajen switched being "Lead" all weekend.  That's the way brothers are sometimes.)

Lenapehauken 4th Annual - "Honoring our Children" powwow. 

Chief Mark Gould carries our Eagle Staff
Mark is the Chief of the Nanticoke Lenni Lenape Indians of New Jersey (our home tribe).

   Two well known American Indian Flute players were also featured at the Powwow. 
   Ron Warren is an accomplished flute player who has performed with Jeff Bell and played for N.Carlos Nakai (entertaining Nakai before Nakai's appearance at Salisbury University last year). 
   Ed Winddancer is an accomplished flute player who has been featured at the Nanticoke Powwow in Millsboro, De. (his home tribe) as well as many appearances in his home state of  Florida (and inbetween).
   I have had the honor of hearing both of these artists.  As a flute player myself, I feel they added much to our powwow.(Len Littlefox)

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