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Panther opens Martial Arts School

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Manyfeathers teaches about edible wild plants.

CEO Dawn Manyfeathers speaks out against fake history of group claiming to be American Indian

CEO Dawn Manyfeathers teaches Pine Needle Basket Weaving at the Nabb Center of Salisbury University, Salisbury, Md.

CEO Dawn Manyfeathers does three workshops for the Nabb Center of Salisbury University: Beading, Medicine Practices, and Gourds.

Manyfeathers talks about "The ART of American Indian Medicine tools" in Talbot County, Md

Weaving with Weaving Sticks

Pine Needle Basket class at Evergreen Cove on Dec. 13. Has contact info to sign up.

Home Tribe

Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians of New Jersey 2007 Powwow is June 09-10.

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Mid Atlantic Primitive Skills Group (MAPS) Some real great stuff.

The American Indian Culture Center and the Piscataway Indian Tribe, Waldorf, Md.

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Foraging With the "Wildman"

Learn about edible and medicinal wild vegetables, herbs, greens, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, and mushrooms with NYC's favorite naturalist, "Wildman" Steve Brill. Find out about his public Wild Food and Ecology tours in local parks, and the work he does with kids. Read excerpts from his books, enjoy his botanical artwork and vegetarian recipes, and find out what happened after he was arrested and handcuffed by undercover NYC park rangers for eating a dandelion in Central Park!

Did you know that the Red Blanket Singers (NJ Drum) has a DJ and Party service? Click here to check out the site.

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