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Panther opens Martial Arts School

   We have had two very succcessful and funfilled Pow-wow years (1st weekend in October) on Assateague Island, Md.  We thank all who attended.  We just had our 3rd and 4th Annuals at Ft. Whaley Campground, Whaleyville, Md on October 2 & 3, 2004 and October 1 & 2, 2005.   Due to a "timing" problem on finalizing negotiations for a new site  (Mardella, Md),  we had to cancel our October 2006 Powwow.   We are looking at a change in Organizational focus and will put further powwows (our own) on hold, while we move into programs that better serve our goals and the community.
   Future EVENTS and Activities will listed within 48 hrs of webmaster being notified.

Upcoming Events 2007

August 23-25 Greater Pocomoke Fair We will be set-up.

September 8 - 9 Nanticoke Powwow

September 13 - 16 Bike Week Ocean City

October 13 - 14 Huntington Powwow Huntington, Md

October 20 - 21 <CANCELLED> LERC Powwow <CANCELLED>

October 19-21 Jefferson Paterson Park & Museum Camperee

Scheduled Lectures, Concerts, Classes, and Demonstrations

Herb School (basic Herbalist Cert.) to be offered at the Panther Academy of Martial Arts by Dawn Manyfeathers

To see if you can schedule us for an event or to schedule us for a school, library or museum program, please call Dawn Manyfeathers 410-742-4480 or email manyfeathers@lenapehauken.org well in advance. Our calendar fills fast and events distant from the Salisbury, Maryland area need evaluation and planning. Our people do have regular jobs and some long distance programs may be denied due to scheduling problems or lack of availability of our people.

Recent Events

August 10 - 12 Worcester County Fair

August 11 - 12 National Powwow & Museum

June 18-22 WCAC Arts Camp

June 16 & 17 10am-4pm Ocean City Alive

May 5 - 10-6pm Pemberton Colonial Fair (awaiting report)

May 12 Mardella Springs (awaiting report)

June 9 Jakes Festival (awaiting report)

June 9 - 10 Jersey Powwow We didn't go this year because of a wedding in the family.

May 26 8am-? Fairmont Academy

May 19 2-4pm Pittsville Library program

I was not given the School program schedule, but I know
that our group did a number of schools already

April 28 - Salisbury Festival

March 10 Teddy Bear Brunch (zoo) Elks Lodge, Salisbury

April 21 Earth Day Salisbury Zoo

Nov. 7 We enjoyed doing a Cultural Program at the school on Andrews Air Force Base. 90 children joined us in dancing, Storytelling, knapping, and asked questions at our Culture Table.

Oct. 28 Mini-POWWOW at the Smithville Village, NJ. We had a great time dancing,knapping and making Frybread.

Oct. 14-15 Huntington Powwow (Huntington, MD) Excellant powwow for a 2nd Annual. We had our Culture table, Frybread Booth, Knapping, and dancing.

Sept 30 Pemberton Colonial Fair Salisbury, Md Was cancelled this year

Sept 16& Maryland Coast Day Assateague State Park, Maryland We setup with our Culture table and our sale table. And even though it rained (heavy), we still had a nice sized crowd.

Sept 9 Littlefox and Bodaway did some storytelling at the Sugarless Camp. Littlefox also played the flute. This camp is sponsored by the Diabetes Association under the direction of Carlos Mir. (this happened right after the Nanticoke Powwow closed for the day

Sept 9-10 Nanticoke Powwow Millsboro, Del. We sold Frybread (Traditional and Pumpkin). Bodaway Knapping Demonstrations. It was a great time.

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   Cultural/Primitive Skills meetings are the third Sunday of every month.  The next gathering will be at the Gander Mountain store in Salisbury, Md 1pm-5pm. 
   For details and/or directions email us at lenapehauken@earthlink.net or call 410-742-4480.


Aug 11-13 Worcester County Fair.  We had a booth and some Storytelling and Flute playing (Ron Warren).  This was in Snow Hill, Md.

Aug 20-21  POWERKICKS (a Martial Arts School in Fruitland, Md) will hold a Leadership and Survival Camp.  We are teaching the Survival techniques.

Sept 10 & 11  Nanticoke Powwow in Millsboro, De.

Pemberton Days was cancelled this year.  This is in Salisbury, at the Historic Pemberton Manor and Park.  This is a Colonial setting.

October 14 & 15   2nd Annual Powwow at Huntington, Md.   We helped the festivities with Frybread, Knapping Demonstrations, Storytelling, etc. We had a great time and plan on being there next year.

Native American Programs at Salisbury University
Office of Cultural Affairs
Salisbury University's Native American Consultant (our very own CEO) Dawn Manyfeathers is proud to announce the following programs were presented last year with our input and help:
BUS Trip
Grand Opening Celebration
Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indians
Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Set against the dramatic backdrop of the U.S. Capital building on the National Mall, the museum's location symbolizes a deeper understanding and reconciliation between America's first citizens and those who have come to make these shores their home.  The opening of MMAI on the National Mall marks an unprecedented cultural achievement as Native Americans from North, Central, and South America realize a long-awaited dream to share and honor their vibrant cultures with visitors from throughout the world. 
   Dawn Manyfeathers and members of her family will be in the Parade of Nations with their Nanticoke-Lenni Lenape relatives.  Then return to the SU bus group to deal with questions and comments.
Musical Event
Joanne Shennandoah and Mary Youngblood
Friday, September 24, 2004  7pm
Joanne Shenandoah
"SHENANDOAH has become the most critically acclamed Native American Singer of her time" - Associated Press
"...the Native American music scene is brimming with skilled, adventurous artists, such as Robbie Robertson, Bill Miller, Rita Coolidge,...and, arguably the best of all, the remarkable Joanne Shenandoah." - USA Today
   Shenandoah is a multiple award winning Native American composer, vocalist and performer.  She is a Wolf Clan member of the Iroquois Confederacy - Oneida Nation.  Her original compositions, combined with a striking voice, enables her to embellish the ancient songs of the Iroquois using a blend of traditional and contemporary instrumentation.  Ms. Shenandoah's music reflects the indigenous philosophy and culture which continues to have a profound effect on the world today.  From traditional chants to contemporary ballads about Native Ways, her music has been described as an emotional experience, a "Native American Trance."
Mary Youngblood
"There's something about the sound of a Native American flute that can be absolutely enchanting and in the hands of a master like Mary Youngblood, the sound ably soothes tired bodies and souls." - Billboard Magazine Review
"I am simply a vessel between Creator and this sacred instrument, the Native American Flute.  Listen with an open heart and you will hear wispers of the Ancient Ones.  May their timeless voices soothe your soul." - Mary Youngblood.
   Often touted as the first Native American woman to professional record the Native flute, Youngblood was the first woman to win "Flutist of the Year" at the Native American Music Awards ("Nammys") in both 1999 and 2000.  She also won the "Best Female Artist" award at the Nammys in 2000.  Her previous release "Heart of the World" won the highly regarded INDIE award for "Best Native American Recording" in 2000 from The Association for Independent Music.
Epic Documentary Film Screening
500 Nations
Monday 8 pm  September 27-November 15,2004
Drumming Circle
Mother Earth Beat
Women's Native American Powwow Drum
Local Cherokee Dancers, John and Treajen Moore will participate.
October 1, 2004  7-10pm
Red Square (Rain location:  Holloway Hall Auditorium)
   The deep, earth beat of the drum is at the heart of all music; but in the music of the Native American it is the earth's spirit personified.  The resounding rhythm provides the connection between man and nature and nature's god.  The drum to most natives is central to the community or ceremony.  It is considered by many to be the heartbeat of the Earth.
   Mother Earth Beat... is a Women's Native American Pow Wow drum that was formed in October 1997.  Mother Earth Beat is based in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of West Viginia.  Mother Earth Beat realizes that Women's Drums are not traditional and don't claim to be traditional.  They do, however, strive to keep the traditions alive in their hearts, and to honor their ancestors with their songs.  They feel that now, with the new Millenium, our Mother Earth is in dire need of healing, and that is part of the message they hope to bring to the People, as they sing.  Also, as an Eastern Woodlands Drum, part of their mission is to keep alive, and teach, the songs of the Eastern Peoples.  Many of the Drum members are also members of the Appalacian American Indians of West Virginia.  The evening will feature local native dancers.
Simon Ortiz - Poetry Reading
October 8, 2004  7 pm
Holloway Hall Auditorium
   "Making Language familiar and accessible to others, bringing it within their grasp and comprehension, is what a writer, teacher, and storyteller does or tries to do.  I've been trying for over thirty years."-Simon Ortiz.
A native of Acoma Pueblo, Simon Ortiz writes poetry and prose that is at once honest and unfettered, and yet challenging.  Using the simplist of languages, Ortiz evokes the most complex of feelings, and often a longing for the experiences about which he writes.  In much of his work he maintains a simple tone that belies the adversity of his life.  What Ortiz writes is important because he is teaching the art of experience, and doing it through language.  Not suprisingly, he believes language is an important vehicle for finding and knowing who we are and professes a strong belief in the power of the oral traditions of his people.  Although his words often seem innocent, the observations he makes could only come from one who has known the harshness of reality.  That he manages such a firm belief in the power of experience and spirituality in the face of difficulty, is something well worth learning, a lesson that Ortiz, as well as Native Americans have to teach.  His awards include the National Endowment for the Arts, Lila Wallace-Readers Digest, a Lannan Foundation writing residency, a Returning the Gift Lifetime Achievement Award, and the New Mexico Governor's Award for Excellence in Art.
   This event is sponsored by Fulton School of Liberal Arts, S.U. University Center and the Office of Cultural Affairs and Museum Programs.
Dance Concert
Red Crooked Sky
Oct. 21, 2004  7 pm
Holloway Hall Auditorium
   This American Indian Dance Troupe based out of Southeastern Virginia represents an array of tribes from the East and West coasts respectively.  They have Cherokee, Lakota, Pamunkey, Seneca, Osage, and Meherrin members, to name a few.  In additions to their tribal diversity, the group members display a variety of American Indian dances which include:  Men's and Women's Traditional, Fancy Shawl, Jingle, and Men's Grass.  They also do a variety of social (public) dances:  the Round (friendship) and the Rabbit (2 step or couples) dances.
   This event is sponsored by Salisbury University Dance Company, Office of Multiethnic Student Services and the Office of Cultural Affairs and Museum Programs.
Art Exhibition
Paiter Eli Thomas
November 8 - 30, 2004
Late 19th Century Native American Photo History:  Tracing the Provenance
November 2004
Special Dinner
Entertainment:  Native American Musician Ron Warren
November 17, 2004
R. Carlos Nakai Residency
The R. Carlos Nakai Quartet:  R. Carlos Nakai, Mary Redhouse, Will Clipman, and Amo Chip
concert:  November 18, 2004  7 pm
Derek Bowden
Musical Journeys Across the American Landscape
October 20, 2004  7 pm
Md Commissioner of Indian Affairs Gina Hamlin and Living Historian Guy Wells
November 10, 2004  7 pm
Dawn Manyfeathers
"Wild Edible Plants"
Dec. 1, 2004  7 pm
Former Chief Charles O. Tillman, Jr.  of the Osage Nation
(Most of the above "copy" was provided by the Salisbury University PR Department)
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