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He!  Glad you could come. 
   Lenapehauken means Lenape Land or Home of the Lenape. The Lenape are also known as the Lenni-Lenape and The Delaware Nation.
   If you don't know who we are, just hit the Who_We_Are under the HOME tab in the drop-down menu above. 
   Feel free to browse, look at our schedule, email us, look at the photos, or shop (if I can get it to work).
    It has been a very busy and eventful year. We have decided, as an organization, to change our focus in order to better serve the community and our members. We have cancelled our plans for Powwows for an undetermined period. We will put more emphasis on education and public service. Things like American Indian Diabetic Issues will be just one of our new foci.

We were involved with the Powwow in Hunting,MD this year and look forward to greater involvement in 2007.

We also did a program for Andrews Air Force Base. This event featured our Eastern Woodland (Lenape) Culture table, some traditional Storytelling, flute playing, and drumming and dancing.

   Great concert by Joanne Shenandoah and Mary Youngblood.  Click http://special.lenapehauken.org for some pictures.  We had a real nice crowd at Salisbury University.  Admission was free.  Dawn's efforts in helping plan this were rewarded by praise from the University.  Dawn thanked the girls for coming on behalf of the local Indian communities.  The link to pictures of the Concert is active.
   Mother Earth Beat Drum did a fantastic program at Salisbury U on Friday October 1, 2004 and then did our Powwow as our Host Drum.
   Simon Ortiz did a poetry reading of his works (Salisbury U).  It was great meeting him and getting him some frybread (from our food booth at the Assateague powwow to his reading at Barnes and Noble on Saturday.
   I really enjoyed the exhibit by artist Eli Thomas.   Dawn and I (as well as many from our group attended the programs/concert by Flute player R.Carlos Nakai.  We ended up being double booked for the date of the dance concert by Red Crooked Sky, and missed it. Dawn Manyfeathers did her lecture (actually, she is involved in all of the above).
   Our 2004 Powwow at Fort Whaley did have some rain, but it did not dampen the spirits.  Last year's was at Fort Whaley again, on October 1 & 2.
    We had a great time at the Nanticoke Lenni Lenape Powwow in New Jersey.  It is always great going home and seeing family and friends.  Since the boys and I usually help out with late night security, we were tired and energized at the same time. June 2006 found us helping the tribe by taking over the Indian Taco booth.
    The 2004&5 Nanticoke Powwows in Millsboro, De. were great.  We did our own frybread booth.  This year we will have our own Frybread Booth again. Come visit us.
    I have been doing some browsing of the internet and found something I feel still needs to be addressed.  Even though we held our powwow (for 2 years) on Assateague Island, we are not the Assateague People.  If you see references to the Assateague Powwow, find out if it is the powwow we did on Assateague Island...or the powwow put on by the Assateague People (usually in Pocomoke).  To be fair to both groups, it is important that you know which is being talked about.
   Hope we saw you at the Chicken Festival and Worcester County Fair in Snow Hill, Md. (we had 2, 3, or more booths. We will be at the Nanticoke Powwow in Millsboro, De. the weekend after Labor Day 2007 for our third year in a row(look for our Frybread (traditional and pumpkin).
   Come back often.
              Len Littlefox
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   Our son, Shawn "Spirit of the Panther" Saunders is now known as Master Saunders and owns the PANTHER ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS in Ocean Pines Maryland.  GOOD LUCK SHAWN!


Native friend at Andrews Air Force Base

Kathleen and her sons were very good hosts at the
program at Andrews Air Force Base.

Dawn Manyfeathers tells a traditional story at
Andrews Air Force Base.

Len Littlefox explains some items on our Culture
Table to some of the 90 children that attended the Andrews AFB program.

Temporary Shopping Area
Due to the demand for Dawn Manyfeathers' book Cooking Wild Foods the American Indian Way, I have set this up until I am finished remodeling the Giftshop.

Cooking Wild Foods the American Indian Way $10.00
by Dawn Manyfeathers

Some recipes in this cookbook
(click to enlarge in a different browser)


Front of Longhouse

L.E.R.C. is dedicated to preserving the Eastern Woodland Indian Culture and the Lenape Language.

Back of Longhouse with a side door

Bodaway had all 90 children and ten AFB staff
up and dancing.

Bodaway posing with one of the staff at
Andrews Air Force Base

Second Annual Petuxent Powwow October 14 & 15
2006 in Huntington, Md.

Len Littlefox with Flute at a program for Princess Anne Library.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Dawn Manyfeathers giving a talk at the Princess Anne Library.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Len and Dawn were invited to give a program at the Library. Len did some music on the Courting Flute and told a Story. Dawn spoke of being a Lenape in today's world and told some stories.
Master Shawn "Spirit of the Panther" Saunders
new owner Panther Academy (Ocean Pines Md) School of Martial Arts

Different Regalia...same son.

Click this picture for more concert pictures
Mary Youngblood, Joanne Shenandoah, and Dawn Manyfeathers


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Joanne Shenandoah and Mary Youngblood concert Sept. 24, 2004 pictures. Click here!!!

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