Diamond Memories


The summit at Mt. Whitney. Manage to climb to the top and login inside Cabin. My Uncle George "Wimp" (Olivas) Woods remembers: " Roy "Gabe" (Olivas) Gill ("Brazos Kid" as Joe Ruiz called him), Joe, myself & another boy I can't remember, made the trip. A trip of a lifetime, 14 yrs. old and in junior high school. The 4 of us went in at Sage Flats with 4 horses & a mule to carry all our gear. A complete month of our summer vacation. We were able to camp where we wanted & stay as long as we wished at each & every spot along the way. No forrestry service to tell us where to go & how long we could stay. Fishing, swimming, just a good old time was had by all. We came from the back side of Mt. Whitney to the top. Consolitation Lake is on the backside & we had to swim the lake, 11,000 feet, cold & no ice. We didn't ride the horses all the way to the cabin on top. We walked perhaps 200 yrds. Gabe went ahead of us to the top & was on his way back when he told us, "I put your names in the book." Knowing Gabe was full of BS from way back & that if he knew the truth he wouldn't speak it, we went the rest of the way to the top anyway. No names were in the book, maybe he couldn't find the pencil or even write if he did find one. There was a pencil & a ledger there for signatures. The three of us signed the book, 1947 was the year. Being in August, there was still ice on the cabin floor. Of course we had no camera, Where is Huell Houser when you need him. We came down the front (east) to a work camp where the Carrasco's were cooking for the trail crew repairing the trail. Lizzie was the cook & Reyes was helping. We had good food & a good night's rest then on down to Lone Pine. Memories, I guess, but then all 4 of us are somewhere out there in the book."  George W. Woods, Jr.

Yep, that's me. Shooting from a dry lake east of Lone Pine off the Narrow Gage Rd. I'm using a British Infield 303 but am much better with a .45.  And yes I say Hey Ya'll and YeeeHawww!

December 8, 1891 - March 17, 1940

Father Crowley was born in Killarey, Co. Keary, Ireland. He was ordained on May 18, 1918. He was extremely popular with the people throughout his area. His untimely death was due to an accident south of Ridgecrest, where he was driving on Highway 14 and hit a cow. There is a marker at the side of the road where he died.  He was the Pastor of Santa Rosa Church in Lone Pine, CA and the Inyo Missions, CA. 

One of the youngest Olivas family members. Devan rides an iron horse and tries to break the sound barrier whenever possible. He is a decendant of Louisa Olivas and George Woods. He enjoys hiking, fishing and riding in the Lone Pine area. The dry lake beds suit him just fine and finding old dead cows make his day an exciting one.


1881 - 1923

This is Wrinkles, raised from a calf. Runs to greet you, especially if you are banging on the feed bucket. A pet if there ever was one.

Petra Diaz Olivas was born in 1880 in Lone Pine, CA. Her Mother, Andrea Contreras Elder (November 11, 1840 - April 23, 1925) was from Sinaloa, Mexico, & married A.B. Elder (born 1833 in Ohio) who was the Sheriff in Lone Pine, CA, in 1870. Petra's Father, Joseph Diaz was from the Island of Maderia, Portugal. He was a resident of California in 1851. Joseph signed papers renouncing his Portuguese citizenship to the King of Portugal & being admitted was declared a Citizen of the USA on May 10, 1877. Andrea did not want Petra to marry Carmen but gave her consent. Carmen & Petra were married on December 25, 1897. Petra rode a cow to herd cattle. She did laundry for the railroad boses while the narrow gage was being built through the Valley. She took the laundry by wagon or by tains as far as the line went.




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