About Leila

Photo of Leila - Cindy A.Pavlinac

Leila specializes in creating artisan botanical perfume using the finest quality precious flower absolutes and wildcrafted and organic essential oils from around the world. Her interest in perfumery began as a child living beside The Rose Garden in Berkeley, California--gathering roses to make perfume until caught by the gardeners. Her artistry in fragrance combines many years of study in diverse fields that marry in her blending--astrology, sacred feminine traditions, geomancy, cabala, dharma, herbalism, natural healing, aromatherapy and the magical and transformational use of fragrance. She has been working with botanical fragrance for over 25 years.

Leila is the author of Goddess Traditions and Aromatherapy, from The World of Aromatherapy (Jeanne Rose & Susan Earle/Frog Ltd.) and an author and the editor of Earthwalking Sky Dancers Womens Pilgrimages to Sacred Places (Frog Ltd). She is a contributing author to Teonanacatl - Sacred Mushroom of Visions, edited by Ralph Metzner (Metzner, 2004) and a featured speaker and contributor to the film Dancing With Gaia by Jo Carson, 2009.

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Leila a the SF Fragrance Salon

“Creating botanical perfume is my gift of joyful pleasure--offerings of delight to those who enjoy them--helping to reconnect our culture with botanical realms of great beauty...to inspire, enchant, and heal with the nectar of perfume.”