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Earthwalking Sky Dancers Women’s Pilgrimages To Sacred Places Edited by Leila Castle - available through Earthwalking Sky Dancers : Women's...

IN THIS COLLECTION, Leila Castle has gathered together women writing about spiritual initiation, identity, and transformation. Their pilgrimages are inspired by places sacred to many traditions worldwide-among them Old European Goddess, geomancy, Tibetan Buddhism, Native American, Peruvian shamanism, and Mayan. Their stories explore interdependence and autonomy, connection to the earth, and developing a new spiritual voice. They relate journeys to far-off Australia, Hawaii, and Africa, as well as to rural England and New Mexico. Sometimes they write about becoming a person vastly different from the wife, mother, artist, student, or academic individual who started the journey. Among the contributors are:

• Monica Sjoo, artist and writer, author of The Great Cosmic Mother, Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth, and New Age and Armageddon

• Tsultrim Allione, former Tibetan Buddhist nun, author of Women of Wisdom, and director of Tara Mandala Retreat Center in southern Colorado

• Chesca Potter, lecturer on the British mystical tradition, artist, and designer of the Greenwood Tarot cards

• Uzuri Amini, priestess of the Yoruba goddess Oshun, writer, artist, and spiritual counselor

Inspiring and illuminating, these are adventure stories into the unknown and deeply felt. Honoring the sacred feminine energy of the earth, these women are also working towards rebalancing male and female energies in culture and relationships.

"Among the most vibrant vehicles for bringing the long-missing healing energies and wisdom of the Goddess into the world today."
-Mimi Lobell, Architect and Professor of Architecture, Pratt Institute

"A treasure-box of feminine beauty and sensual earthen spirituality."
-Ralph Metzner, author of The Well of Remembrance

"Inspired stories told by diverse women in the universal language of the Earth herself. I was touched and reawakened."
-Vicki Noble, author of The Motherpeace Tarot and Shakti Woman

The World of Aromatherapy (edited by Susan Earle & Jeanne Rose) including Goddess Traditions and Aromatherapy by Leila Castle (Frog LTD)