Alchemical Perfume Blends

The Tigress & Guru Pema - Leila Castle

Daka & Dakini

In Tibetan Buddhist tradition dakinis are female buddhas, enlightened women, symbols of wisdom—Sky Dancers. Dakas are buddha heroes, symbols of compassion—male counterparts and consorts of dakinis. These perfumes are made to awaken and delight our daka & dakini nature, celebrating their inseparability and joyous union.

Nectary and sweet—blissful, pure pleasure.
Jasmine, osmanthus, sandalwood.

Warm, rich and velvety—spiritualizing and aphrodisiac.
Ambrette, frankincense, oakmoss.

Earth Angel & Angel Heart

Earth Angel and Angel Heart are a pair of angel blends created at midwinter and touched by the Solstice sunlight at a sacred site where cloud angels appeared. Designed to invoke angelic presence. Use for anointment, blessing or meditation.

Earth Angel
Evoking the sacredness of the earth and angelic spirit of a deep, green forest cathedral or cool, moss-covered stone circle. May it inspire, bless and protect the Earth Angel within.
Angelica, frankincense, melissa.

Angel Heart
Softer, with a shimmering golden-pink quality evoking angelic presence, joyous blessing, love, beauty, happiness and protection. May it gently open the angelic heart that resides within.
Angelica, jasmine, rose otto.

Faery Queen & Green Man

The Faery Queen and Green Man are pre-Celtic shamanic archetypes from Faery tradition. They embody the female and male spirit of the land and wild dreamtime realms that once were, yet remain within us. Return to the fey—to mythic play.

Faery Queen
Rich with flower absolutes, herbs, woods, fruits and resins—enchanting and aphrodisiac.
Jasmine, myrrh, spikenard.

Green Man
Leafy green and mossy—a male tonic, strengthening and grounding. Enter into the spirit of the forest.
Juniper, oakmoss, spruce.

Mars & Venus

Mars and Venus are planetary blends made with essential oils attributed to the planets Mars and Venus, associated in myth with the Greek god Ares and goddess Aphrodite. Opposites in astrology, they rule the signs Aries and Scorpio and Libra and Taurus. Mars represents courage, strength, energy, creativity and skill in action—the warrior or activist archetype. Venus is sensuous, artistic, peace-loving—concerned with love, harmony, beauty, comfort, relationships and pleasure.

Warm, energizing—giving focus and a clear mind.
Basil, coriander, pine.

Gentle, relaxing, voluptuous and aphrodisiac.
Rose, vanilla, ylang ylang.

Sol & Luna

Sun and Moon blends made with solar and lunar essential oils and absolutes. Wear separately or together to harmonize and enhance solar and lunar feminine or masculine enegies.


Firey—full of warm golden light and happiness.
Blood orange, cinnamon, frankincense.

Cool, calm and soothing—like moonlight with iridescent blue and purple tones.
Jasmine, lemon, roman camomile.