Leather Carvings by Scott Jensen

Some of my work has progressed from traditional uses of leather to a more expressive contemporary objective. I believe these vessels represent that objective; the development of the ancient arts of leather carving, sculpting and painting into a new and separate art form, unique in itself. These non-utilitarian vessels (no water, please!) are decorative fun items, a definite conversation piece. Designs vary, including primitive, whimsical, nautical and Southwestern themes.

"Planet man"
Approx.height:18" $175.00

Approx.height:15" $175.00

"Desert view"
desert view
Approx.height:16" $175.00

"Full moon"
full moon
Approx.height:18" $175.00

Approx.height:18" $300.00

snorkeling side view
side view

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