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Welcome to the Greater Reading pac web site!

We are a group of individuals who formed a political action committee to make a difference in our community in and around Reading, Pennsylvania.

A fun June party
Great food and conversation

Who we are and why you may want to join our political project...

Our mission is to fund well informed, effective, and truly progressive Democratic candidates in the greater Reading area. 

We have a vision for a better, cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous region. We will support candidates who have the ability to bring our vision to fruition. We support candidates who will defend and expand our freedoms, protect our environment, create good jobs with good salaries, expand health care to all Americans, and work to improve our public schools and colleges.

Join us at one of our fundraising events for an evening of good food & beverages and progressive political conversation. Or you can support our mission by sending us a contribution.

Candidates interested in being interviewed for our endorsement must contact us.  Progressive Democratic candidates can email us.



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Guests can chat with local candidates

Candidates! If you are interested in our endorsement You must contact us for an interview. Come to our next fundraiser (Go to events and fundraisers page) and see what we are all about. Click here for email.

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Supporting local candidates with a progressive vision